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What To Do In Holy Fire(Holika) For Success ?

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Holi Totkay
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What Is Holi?, Points To Remember Before Doing Any Totka or flicks, Totke For Success To Do In Holy, How to Use the Holika Dahan as a Yagya?,Poojas and Totkays on Holy Festival.
Holi is a Festival of color, festival to share happiness, fetival to make other happy by enjoying with them with colors. But very few of us know that the night on which holika dhan takes place is a great night to get success. if you are facing any type of problems in life like Marriage, career, jobs, business, health, honour then by doing some special flicks(Totke) on holy fire you can open your way to get success.On the night of holy fire many subtle energies come to take their offers and if someone offers the special things for special purpose they may get it easily. 
Before proceeding i just want to tell one thing that flick(totke) are not superstition and there is no need to fear from any type of flicks(totke). Here in this article i am disclosing some simple flicks(totke) to overcome from some planetary problems.

How to Get success from flicks(totke)?

Some points must be kept in mind before doing any flicks(totke) :
1) Do it alone
2) Don't tell anyone that you are doing something for any purpose.
3) Don't turn and look back in any case after doing the flicks(totke).
4) Have trust and faith hold in flicks(totke) which you are doing.
5) some times repetition of flicks(totke) is necessary as per the work so consult before doing any flicks(totke) by providing proper dakshina or fees to your consultant so that he or she may also wish for your success heartly.
6) keep remember the exact time to do the flicks(totke), for this you have to consult your consultant.
7) Sprinkle some holy water when you return to home after doing the flicks(totke)

How To Use Holika Dahan As a Yagya?
Yes, You can make your this holika dahan successful by making it yagya. Do offer the things in holika dahan with proper mantra or spell. Don't underestimate holika dahan. It is a very important process and scholars use this day to over come from many serious problems of life. S if you really want to cash this event then be serious and do the rituals in proper guidance of your consultant.
Simple flicks(totke) to do in Holy fire(holika) for Success :
1) If Moon(Chandra) is creating prolem in your horoscop or kundli then you can easily overcome from this
  problem by offering the things of moon in Holika i.e holy fire at right time for e.g. Raw Rice, Milk,   pearl(moti), camphor, Ghee, silver etc.
2) If you are suffering from bad effect of sun(Surya) in your horoscope or kundli then you have to offer  Wheat,molasses,copper, red sandal in holy fire.
3) If you are affected from Mars(mangal) then offering  Red cloth, copper, wheat, molasses in holy fire will give you benefit.
4) If you are suffering from Mercury(Budh) then offering brass, emerald, bamboo etc will give you benefit.
5) If you are affected by Jupiter(guru) then do offer yellow topaz, Turmeric, yellow cloth, sugar etc to  overcome from this problem.
6) If Venus(shukra) is providing negative effect in your horoscope then offer Rice, aromatic substances like sticks, dhoop,silver overcome from this problem.
7) If Saturn(shani) is negative in our horoscope or kundli then offering black sesame, mustard oil, coal, iron, coconut will be beneficial for you.
8) Dragon head(Rahu) negative effect can be minimized by offering Coconut, Almond, black sesame(til),Gomed etc.
9) Dragon Tail(ketu) negative effect can be minimized by offering Cat's eye, Coconut, black sesame oil etc.

Note: After offering the things you have to make 21 rounds or 108 round of the holy fire by keeping your
wish in your mind. if you do this process with trust and faith hold success will be at your door.

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Holi is a time to burn all the negativity in holika and to fill our life with the colours of joy and happiness, positive energies. Holika dahan night is one of the important night for the spiritual or tantrik processes.

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