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What is Astro Holi ? How To Play It For Success In Life ?

What is Astro Holi?, How To Play Astro Holi? What To do In Holi Fire or Holika Dahan To Get Success, Poojas and Totkays on Holy Festival.
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how to play holi as per horoscope

How To Play Astro Holi?
A totally new sentence for every one. Astro holy is a concept which arises in my mind when i started to think that how to make holy good for every one, how to play holy so that it become fruitful for everyone. It is again related to a science of offering the good things to others. In my one article What to do in holy for planetary peace i have already described what to offer in holy  fire to overcome from the malefic effects of planets.In the same way we can also minimise the malefic effects of planets by using the concept of astro holi. Now the question is that how to play this holy? 
Play Astro Holy For Prosperity and Successful LIFE 
It's Very simple you don't have to make change in type of holy you play but you have to take the advantage of this holy by just changing the colours combinations and things which you use in gifts in this colourful festival and just by doing so you can not only enjoy the festival but make your future bright.Now Read carefully what to do to play the holy as per astro science.

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For this you must know about your horoscope that what planets are good and bad in your horoscope or kundli. Now fro e.g. if sun is not good in your horoscope or kundli i.e. your life is suffering because of malefic effect of sun then what you have to do is to use the pink colour gulal as much as possible and use it to make other happy. this is just like to offer the things of sun. Now what happens this becomes the Daan of sun and you will get the benefit of sun or surya daan. 

In th same way if you are suffering from the malefic effect of Venus or moon then by using the white colour gulal as much as possible you can minimize the malefic effect of Moon and Venus also in this case if you are giving gift and sweets related to this planet for e.g. sweet made by milk is also beneficial for you. In the same way by choosing the right gift to give others as per the planets you can also get the benefit of gifts too. 
suppose if some one needs yellow sapphire and luckily Jupiter is producing malefic effects in your horoscope then do provide yellow sapphire as a gift in holy to that person or also you can gift yellow cloth to him. 
So Get your horoscope checked right now and Enjoy the Holy No...... Enjoy the Astro HOLI ...
Know let me give you my good luck for your happy and prosperous life by Saying 

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HAPPY ASTRO HOLI............

Best way to play holi in a different way, play holi and minimise the malefic impacts of planets in life, Success through playing holi.

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What is Astro Holi?, How To Play Astro Holi? What To do In Holi Fire or Holika Dahan To Get Success, Poojas and Totkays on Holy Festival .

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