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Siddha laghu nariyal
Laghu Nariyal
1) Siddha Laghu Nariyal: This is the most favorite object of Mahalakshmi. This gives wealth where it is placed.
Siddha horse metal or siddha ghode ki naal
Kaale Ghode Ki Naal
2) Siddha Black Horse Shoe/Kaale Ghode Ki Naal:
Gives good luck in all ventures. Avoids all evil eye on house.

3) Siddha Trilouha Mudrika : 
Made out of three base metals, Gold, Silver and Copper in certain composition. According to Tantrik Texts it gives victory over enemy, good health and prosperity.

siddha indrajaal for success
4) Siddha Indrajal : A type of sea weed. It breaks all the evil application of enemies and gives blessings and visions of goddesses.

Siddha mayajaal for success
5) Siddha Mayajal : Like Indrajal, a type of sea weed. Creates Maya or illusion which enchants and attracts public to your business or home.

Siddha beesa yantra for success
Beesa yantra
6) SiddhaBeesa Yantra : This the most ancient of yantras found in temples and mosques. This protects one from dangers and gives total achievements and prosperity.
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Siddha hataha jodi, Buy online hatha jodi
Hattha Jodi
7) Siddha Hatha Jodi: This is otherwise called Vashikaran or hypnotizer. It hypnotizes the people whom you deal with, towards you.

siddha siyar singhi, online siyar singhi
Siddha Siyar Singi
8) Siddha Siyar Singi: This is the horn of jackal. This hypnotizes and destroys your enemies. A great TANTRIK object should be acquired as a treasure.

9) Siddha Panch Ratna Kalash: Our Hindu tradition is there, to put 5 kinds of gems in a Purna Kumbha for all ritual purpose. Panch Ratna Kalash bless you with all kinds of happiness and prosperity throught your life.    

10) Ekakshi Nariyal : Ekakshi means one eyed.Usually a coconut has three black spots which are consider as two eyes and one mouth but out of millions you will find one coconut which consist of one eye and one mouth hence they are consider as very auspicious and fortunate can be kept in temples, homes, or offices, to solve the financial problem and bring wealth.It is offered to the deity with coin and applying sandal on it on auspicious occasions.

11) Tantrik Kauri : Since ancient times the possession of Kauries is considered to bring wealth, all round prosperity and love. Due to this reason it was a part of marriage attire of the brides.These should be kept in cash box and in almiras where jewels, financial papers or jewelry is kept. This brings financial prosperity and protects the owner from a financial debacle.Those who want stable financial position should keep a Kauries under their pillow.
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