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Purushottam Maas or Adhik Maas or Mal Maas | Importance

Purushottam Maas or Adhik Maas or Mal Maas, difference of Adhik maas and kshay maas, Mythology Concept of Purushottam Maas, Purushottam Maas in Ujjain, Sapt Sagr of Ujjain

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Purushottam Maas
'Mal Maas:
As per Indian Panchang or almanac in every 3 year 1 month extra comes in a year. But this is a astronomical event. In every year there are 12 sankranti of sun and due to this there are 12 month in a year as per moon calender. In sun and moon year there is a difference of 11 days. These extra days collectively make a new month which is known as 'Purushottam Maas' or 'Adhik Maas' or 'Mal Maas. 
Another concept is that When there is no surya sankranti on any month that month is called as 'Purushottam Maas' or 'Adhik Maas' or 'Mal Maas. 
If any month has 2 surya snkranti that month is called 'Kshay Maas'. 

Mythology Concept of Purushottam Maas:
As per mythology Purushottam maas is called mal maasor khar maas too because there is no lord of this month. Because of this problem Mal maas went to lord Vishnu and explain his sorrow. By hearing the grief of malmaas lord vishnu has given him his own name and now this adhik maas or mal maas is known as 'Purushottam Maas'.
In Vaishnav temple purushottam maas is celebrated very joyfully. In this month no good work is done but religious affairs are much done in this month. 

Purushottam Maas in Ujjain:

In the religious city ujjain purushottam maas is celebrated very joyfully. In every vaishnav temple great celebration takes place whole month, Janmastmi, holi, annkut etc are takes place in this month in the vaishnav temple. 
A very important thing is that in Ujjain there are 'sapt sagar' where devotees worship on this purushottam maas only.

Sapt Sagr of Ujjain are as follows:
1. Kshir Sagar-
Kshir sagar is just near the stadium. As per mytholoyg this sagar is known as the 'sagar of kheer'. By taking bath on this sagar it is said that prosperity and growth comes in life. 

2. Shree Pushkar Sagar-
It is in Naliya Bakhal Area, Now a days a big colony constructed around this sagar. As per mythology doing worship on this place provide the good result of doing worhip on Naimisharanya. Increase in progeny also takes place while worshiping here. 

3. Rudra Sagar-
Rudra sagar is just behind the Mahakal Temple. As per mythology here 4 sagar came earlier. Pooja is very good here. Obstacle of progeny goes out by worshiping here.

4. Gowardhan Sagar-
Gowardhan sagar is just near by the very siddha temple of Nagar kot Mataji. 
As per mythology Worshipping here is good to remove poverty. Prosperity comes from every way. 

5. Ratnakar Sagar Also known as Undasa Talaab-
It is on maksi road.As per mythology this sagar was very miraculous sagar. In ancient time precious stones comes out from this sagar. Goddess laxmi fulfill the wishes of devotees here. 

6. Vishnu Sagar- 
It is present in Ankpat Marg. 
As per mythology vishnu sagar has its spiritual importance. Worship here to give peace to the ancestors and increase the spiritual power of a devotee. 

7. Purushottam Sagar-
This is near by Ankpat Darwaja.
By worshipping here success comes from every direction. 
So 'Purushottam Maas' or 'Adhik Maas' or 'Mal Maas' is the month of worshipping lord vishnu. This is the Month of celebrating the grace of lord vishnu. It is the month of gaining spiritual power to get success in this life and the life after death. Purushottam maas is the month to get salvation. 

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Purushottam Maas or Adhik Maas or Mal Maas, difference of Adhik maas and kshay maas, Mythology Concept of Purushottam Maas, Purushottam Maas in Ujjain, Sapt Sagr of Ujjain

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