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How to Use Stone To Destroy Enemy

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Gems Stones For Enemies Protection
How To us stone to destroy enemy?, Is it possible to dominate enemy through stones, Houses of birth chart which gives indications about enemies, Best stones to destroy enemies, Which type of stones are used to destroy enemies?, When to wear stones to destroy enemy?

Enemies are very problematic in life the fear of enemy attack makes a person restless. The life become hell due to enemies. The circumstances become dangerous when there is a fear of invisible attack by using occult science or black magic. Previously in my articles i have cleared about protection from enemies through occult science. Now i am going to tell you how to use gems stones to protect our self. 

Many times questions related to gems stones for enemy protection has been asked from me. In this context i want to say that there is not a specific stones which will protect from enemies. And 2nd important point is that simply wearing stone will not protect you from all types of enemies. 

Before wearing any stone it is very necessary to know something about the type of enemies we have in our life. As per my experience people faces problems from many  types of enemies. 

1. Physical enemies which shows directs impacts in our life.

2. Invisible enemies which are more dangerous and unpredictable  In this we can include the negative energies, Attack by our own bad characteristics like as carelessness, laziness, angriness etc. 

3. Own karmas result which comes in form of destiny. Because of this many types of chronic diseases, family problems, financial problems etc. arises in life. 

If you think first about what type of enemies are disturbing your life then it is easy to find the solutions through stones. Now to choose stones it is very necessary to analyse the horoscope minutely. Horoscope, kundli or birth chart is the mirror of our personality. A good astrologer just by minute analysis come to know that how much are you suffering from enemies. So if you want to over come from problems then don't ever hesitate to ask for help from a good and experienced astrologer. 

Now let me clear you that which houses of horoscope or kundli represent enemies:
1. 6th house of the birth chart is studied minutely to understand the enemies generally. If this house is affected badly by enemies then no doubt the person is definitely suffering from the enemies problems.

2. If the mahadasha of master of 6th house is going on and if the master is descendent in kundli then it is very possible that the person will suffer from enemy problem 

during the mahadash or antar dasha of master of 6th house.

3. If the 6th house is viewed by any negative planet then also it is very possible that person will face problems in life due to enemy. 

4. If the partnership place is malefic or negative then also it is possible that the person will face problem from very close one.

5. Planetary positions also clears about suffering from different types of diseases which changes the life badly. 

6. If the person is of rakshas gan and there is grahan yoga or angrak yoga then no doubt the person will face problems in life due to negative energies. 

Now let me clear you something about stones which give relief from enemy problems:
As i said earlier that there is no specific stones for enemies protection. It may be possible that Yellow sapphire will protect you , it may be possible that coral will protect you, Onyx is also  good gems stones which is used to protect our self from black magic etc. But it is very much necessary to check the horoscope before 

wearing the gems stones then only it is possible to find a correct gems stones which will dominate our enemies. 

Reasons of our defeat:
If we are dominated by the enemies then definitely our planetary power are not up to date or it may be possible that the enemies are using some powers of para science. 

So in that case if we use the right gems stones, it increases our power and thus we are able to fight or dominate the enemies through stones.And when the stones are charged with specific mantras in specific ways then you can't believe that You will be lase with some invisible powers which protect you from the invisible attacks too. 

Pure stones are very powerful source of energies, Pure gems stones can make you strong to fight with your enemies, By using pure gems stones you can dominate your enemies, by using charged gems stones you can also get protection from invisible negative energies.

Get the best gems stones to increase your power, Get the powerful gems stones to win enemies, Get the charged gems stones for protection.

Don't worry if you are facing any enemy problems, don't worry if you have fear of enemy attack of different types. Don't worry if you are suffering from enemies too much with any specific reason. Just take consultancy to change your life.
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Solutions of Enemy Problems
Through  Stones

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How To us stone to destroy enemy?, Is it possible to dominate enemy through stones, Houses of birth chart which gives indications about enemies, Best stones to destroy enemies, Which type of stones are used to destroy enemies?, When to wear stones to destroy enemy?

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