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Permanent Residency Problem And Solution Through Astrology

Are you facing problems in settling in foreign countries, do you want to know which planets are creating problems in your life, do you want to know how to open the door in foreign countries through astrology, which pooja and gems stones are good to make a stable career in foreign countries. Then this article will help you a lot. Here I am going to clear you that what are the hurdles in your birth chart or horoscope and how to over come from this through easy ways. 
PR problems and astrology remedies

If you are interested in making stable career abroad or in any foreign countries like Australia, London, Canada, Arab countries etc then you need to have good power of Sun and Moon in your birth chart. These 2 planets if strong and in good house then no doubts you can easily make good career in foreign countries and also you can get the permanent residency without any problem. 

Permanent residency is the main goal for the persons who want to make career abroad but it is not as easy as it seems. Small things comes in the way to fulfil the dreams. 

If any one faces two much difficulty in getting permanent residency approval then it is good to proceed for the horoscope analysis through which it will be cleared that what are the main reasons of failure. 

Some Reasons For Knowledge:
1. If any one is trying for PR and not getting success then it may be possible that Sun or Moon is not supporting you. 

2. It may be possible that some negative planet is going in the antardasha or mahadasha.

3. It may be possible that any type of evil eye effect is creating obstacles in your life. 

4. It may be possible that due to pitra dosha, kalsarp yoga, grahan yoga or any other bad yogas in kundli is creating problems in your life. 

5. Due to weak planets also person not get the desired results. 

So there may be so many reasons, only after analysis it is possible to find that why a person is suffering in life. After that by using different types of remedies one can fulfill the desires. 

Astrology Ways To Get Permanent Residency:
1. By doing special shanti pooja to minimize the malefic impacts of planets it is possible to get success.

2. By wearing the right gems stone to increase the power of related planet, it is possible to get the permanent residency.

3. There are several other totkay to get success which can be used.

4. Worship of guru Dattatray is also very helpful to get success in life.

5. If due to negative energy there is any problem then worship of bhairav and mahakali also is very beneficial.

So don't worry if you are suffering from any problem related to residency or foreign tour. Take the paid services of ASTROSHREE ASTROLOGER to know the reasons and remedies of problems. 

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