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Substitues Of Original Gems Stones

Gems stones are a good source of energy. But real gems stones are too expensive and beyond the reach of middle class segment. So if you are unable to wear any real gems stone then don't worry there are other ways to power your self and they are known as the substitutes of original gems stones. These are also very popular and many are getting good results.
Astrologer for best substitutes of true gems stones
Alternate of Gems Stones

If these are worn in auspicious time, day and muhurth then no doubt, it is possible to get the good results. 

Here I am providing the list of alternate gems stones for knowledge pupose. By taking proper consultancy you can get one for you and for your beloved.

List of Substitutes Of True Gems Stones:

1. Substitute Of Original Ruby Gem(Manik Ratna):
Pink Onyx, Garnet, Hakik Or the root of bel tree can be used to increase the power of Sun or Surya in place of Original Ruby.

2. Substitute Of Original Pearl Gem(Moti):
Milky Hakik, White Stone, Moon Stone or the root of Khirni can be used in place of Original Pearl or True Moti to gain power of Moon or Chandrama.

3. Substitute Of Real Coral Gem(Moonga Ratn):
Red Hakik, Red Onyx or Root of Anant Mool can be used in place of Real coral Gem stone to increase the power of Mars or Mangal.

4. Substitute Of Emerald Gems(Panna Ratna):
Green Onyx, Green Hakik, Margan of green color, Firoza or Root of Vidhara can be used to increase the power of Mercury planet or Budh.

5. Substitute Of Yellow Sapphire(PUkhraaj):
Sunela, Yellow Hakik, Yellow onyx or Root of banana can be used to increase the power of Jupiter planet or Guru.

6. Substitute Of Diamond Gem (Heera"):
White Hakik, Opal, Isfatik, White sapphire can be used to increase the power of Venus planet or Shukra.

7. Substitute Of Blue Sapphire(Neelam Ratna):
Jamunia, Black Hakik, Laafward or Root of Bichhu plant can be used to increase the power of Saturn Planet or Shani.

8. Substitute Of Gomed:
Root of White Sandalwood can be used in place of Original gomed to gain the power of Rahu.

9. Substitute Of Cat's eye(Lehsuniya):
Root of Ashwagandha can be used to increase the power of Ketu in place of True Lehsuniya.

So above I have given the list of stones and herbs which can be used in place of Original and expensive stones. If these are worn under proper guidance then good results are expected. 

You can contact to get the original substitutes rings of True Gems Stones.

Make your life smooth, strong and happier through the use of Astrology and occult sciences. 
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