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Astrologer For Health Astrology

Astrologer For Health Astrology

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Health Analysis and solutions by astrologer astroshree
Health is wealth, healthy mind can live a healthy life, healthy body is able to enjoy the luxuries of life. A good health is the base of every thing. With healthy mind and body life is like a hale. So in astrology health is one of the most important subject. Many times situations arises like when disease can't be diagnosed, many times medicines not work, many times patient loose the patience. 
In all these cases astrology is very helpful. Through the analysis of celestial bodies or by the scrutinizing the birth chart it is possible to find the astrology reasons of problems and then by adopting the suitable measures it is possible to over come from complicated diseases also.

A Memorable Case:

Before some time I got a call from Delhi. The person was very depressed because he was on the bad for the last 3 month. Doctors even after analysing in every way unable to diagnose what actually happened. Astrologer Om has analysed the horoscope and asked to do some utara and shanti pooja. After that he was advised to go to doctor again for check-up and the result was different. His problem was diagnosed at first sight. There was a blockage in arteries and by a minor operation it was done ok. 
The doctor was also surprised that why the problem was not seen previously. 
So this is how astrology is helpful. Many times a minor problem become major if it is not handled properly. So consultant is important in life.

Houses In Horoscope and Related Organs Of Body:

Do you know every house of the kundli is associated with a specific body part so by analysing that it is possible to diagnose the diseases. Here for knowledge I am providing some details related to body parts and houses of birth chart.
  1. First house is related with head.
  2. Second house of kundli is associated with Right eye, mouth, tongue, teeth, face.
  3. Third house of the birth chart is related with Ears, arms etc.
  4. Forth house is related with heart and lungs.
  5. Fifth house of horoscope is associated with belly, spleen, liver, pancreas etc.
  6. Sixth house is related wiht Small intestine.
  7. Seventh house is related with internal sexual organs, kidneys etc.
  8. Eight house is also associated with sex organs but external like anus, Large intestine is also attached with this house.
  9. Ninth house of kundi is related with hips and joints.
  10. Tenth house is related with legs.
  11. Eleventh house is also related with legs.
  12. Twelfth house of horoscope is related with left eye, feet etc.

How 'ASTROLOGER ASTROSHREE' Help In Medical Cases?

When any case come to astrologer then very minutely the kundli or chart is analysed to find the exact planetary reasons of the disease and then not only the astrology ways are cleared but also some natural healing ways are also taught to the patient for fast recovery.

So you can get:

  1. The best gems for healthy life.
  2. The best pooja for smooth life.
  3. Spell or yantra to over come from any disease.
  4. Way to protect from negative energies or evil eye effects. 
If there is any impact of negativity then it is also checked and for that proper utara is given. 
Spell is also provided to over come from chronic disease.
Motivation is also given.
If needed then rognivaran kawach is also provided. 
Siddha yantra also provided by astrologer to over come from the diseases.

Requirement For Health Analysis:

  • Name of the patient.
  • Date of birth, time of birth, place of birth.
  • Details about the Disease like what doctor said and for how many days or months or years the person is suffering from disease.
  • Any specific dreams the patient is seeing. 

For more details related to consultancy Visit the following page Contact ASTROLOGER ASTROSHREE.

Mode of communication to get health report will be email and phone.

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So make your life disease free, make your life obstacle free, make your life problem free. Get a perfect health through astrology and occult sciences and enjoy the life fully. 

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