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Real Valentine Stories

Real Valentine stories, Some special ways of expressing love, Famous love stories of different countries, Valentine Astrology By Astrologer Astroshree.
Real Stories of lovers by love guru and love astrologer
Real valentine stories

Every lover wait for the valentine day so that to express his or her feelings of love in a different way. But do you know in world there are many lovers who went beyond the thinking and made a history. They have done such changes which became a memorable for us. Here in this article you are going to know about some special lovers whose achievements are unbeatable. These stories will show what exactly love is and what a lover can do for his or her beloved. 

1. Ist Story of China:
In the year 1942, a person name liu guojiyang had saved the life of a female name shoo choking from drowning in river. After that they fell in love and married with each other. They ran from there city gaotaan. 

They decided to spend there life in a hill so they made a hut and start living there. Since the hill was very high and there were no stairs or way to get down so Liu decided to make the stairs for her in the hill with the hand made tools like hammer. 
You don't believe that till the year of 57 he has made 6000 stairs in that hill. This hill is the sign of love in these days and after the death of both of them their last cremation was also done there. 
These six thousand stairs are the result of real love. This is the result of the feeling to provide best to the beloved. Salute to both the couples.

2. 2nd Story of America:

Once upon a time in America a person is told that her wife needs a kidney but he has to arrange some ones else. The name of person was Lery swailing and his age was 77 years, her wife age was 76 years and her name was jimi syu. 

you don't believe that that person made a banner and hang it on the neck and wander city to city in search of kidney and after 1 year he got it. This story shows that age doesn't stop the feelings. Love has great power and it gives strength to do the impossible. 

3. 3rd Story Of A Mother:
When a mother lost her right eyes power due to a incurable disease and in 2007 she again she was loosing her left eye power too. Doctor said to her that expensive injection can save her eye sight for some time. But unfortunately her 2 daughters are also suffering from this disease. 
Again a very cute decision was taken and mother asked the doctor to save the eyes of her 2 daughter. Now she has lost her 2 eye but she is happy with her 2 daughters. 

Salute to the mother.

4. Very Innocent Story of Brother and Sister:
Last year Christmas was special for a brother of cute sister. 8 years old boy Rayan Safarn wrote a letter to Santa on the day of Christmas and ask to save her sister Amber from the children who harass her always. 

His mother has shared that letter in Facebook and you don't believe that in next session all the children has become the friends of them. An innocent request has hanged the mind of every one. 
This is love, this is power of love, this is a belief on super power. 

All the stories says that love is alive, love is real and if you really love any one then it will not change your life but it can change the world. 
Salute to all the lovers of the world.

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Real Valentine stories, Some special ways of expressing love, Famous love stories of different countries, Valentine Astrology By Astrologer Astroshree.

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