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What is Internet Addiction Disorder?

What is Internet Addiction Disorder?, Symptoms, Remedies, Astrologer for solutions of health problems, tips to avoid health problems.
best astrologer for health related problems solutions
Solutions of Internet addiction disorder

What is internet addiction disorder?

People are suffering from many types of addiction in this world but in this digital world or we can say the world of internet , a new type of addiction came in existence and that is the internet addiction. Generally youth are suffering form the internet addiction disorder in this digital era. Now it has become necessity to take steps to overcome from this problem before it may show it's dangerous effects to the whole society.

Excess use of internet to pass time is called Internet addiction disorder. This addiction increases when user starts using the gaming sites, pornography sites, social networking sites blogging sites etc. 

Symptoms of Internet Addiction Disorder :

1) Working online 5 to 10 Hours daily. 2) Person feels odd to go out of home or room. 3) Taking meal in front of computer. 4) Eat very fast. 5) Going away from family members and friends. 6) Checking email box again and again. 7) To be proud to be a net savvy. 8) Feel good in alone in room. 9) Getting angry when someone interrupt while using internet. 10) Loss of appetite and physical stamina too.

These symptoms shows that person suffering from internet addiction disorder will become ascetic in the future but he assumes to be more social which is not practical thinking. 

this disease also make a person physically weak, unsocial,ascetic which leads to depression after sometime and person become dangerous for himself or herself.

 How To Overcome From This Problem ?

The main cause of this problem is dependency on internet, so if a person start thinking that internet is important but not everything then only person gets safe from this problem. some points will help to overcome from Internet Addiction Disorder : 1) Don't dependent on internet for everything. 2) Take out some time to meet your friends, family members etc. 3) play some outdoor games. 4) Go for picnic and outing time to time. 5) Aware your friends, nearest people and family members too about the disadvantage of internet addiction disorder.

How Astrology Helps To Over come From Internet Addiction Disorder?
Astrology is the study of planets in birth chart and through this is possible to know the main cause of any problems. So after knowing the root cause of problems it is possible to use the correct gems combination, right meditation ways, chanting mantra to over come from sufferings. 

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What is Internet Addiction Disorder?, Symptoms, Remedies, Astrologer for solutions of health problems, tips to avoid health problems.

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