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Past Life of Bollywood Stars

Past Life of Bollywood Stars, What stars were before becoming celebrities, secret of Bollywood stars.
interesting facts about bollywood stars
Past Life of Celebrities

Many of us want to know that what was the past life of the actor or actress. What were they doing before taking entry in Bollywood.Now presenting the list of some artist with their previous jobs. In spite of choosing different career in life they got success in Bollywood. Hope this will increase your knowledge.

1. Mallika Sherawat was working as an Air hostess.
2. Moman Irani was was working as a waiter in Hotel Taj.
3. John Abraham was working as a media planer in a marketing company. 
4. Pariniti Chopda was a adviser in a investment company in London and also work as an ad-visor in Yashraj films. 
5. Nana Patekar was a sign board painter.
6. Johny Liver was a labor in a company.
7. Amisha patel  was working as an analyst in a Finance company and as an advisor in a bank.
8. Sunil Shetty was in Hotel Business.
9. Murli Sharma Assistant of a PRO.
10. Nikhil Dwivedi was working as a marketing officer in a TV company.

Now Lets have a look on some Older and Golden Artists and their previous Jobs :
1. K. Asif was working as a Tailor.
2. Jitendra was a Jewelry Supplier.
3. Sulochna was a Typist.
4. Dharmendra was engage in installing hand pumps.
5. Dev Anand was working in a  Military Sensor office.
6. Dilip Kumar Fruit Seller and Canteen Contractor.
7. Kalyanji Anandji had a General Items Shop.
8. Rajnikant was a bus conductor.
9. guljar was a Motor Mechanic.
10. Anand Bakshi was in Military service.
11. Neeraj was a hindi professor.
12. Johny Walker was a bus conductor.
13. Ashok Kumar was an advocate.
14. Anjan Shrivastava was a Bank clerk.
15. Amrishpuri was a clerk in an Insurance Company.
16. Prem Chopda was a sales executive in a news paper agency.
17. Sunil Dutt was a radio Announcer.
18. Ravi was a electrician.
19. B.R. Chopda was a film journalist.

The above are the list of famous Bollywood artists who has got name, fame money and every thing in Bollywood but their starting career was different. It is Truth that no one knows the future. Who will get what and where is a Mystery always.

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Past Life of Bollywood Stars, What stars were before becoming celebrities, secret of Bollywood stars.

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