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Dates(Khajoor) For Health

Why dates for healthy life, Source of good energy, Why to eat dates regularly, best diet for a health, guidance to live life in a better way.
best use of dates for health
Dates for health

The scientific name of khajoor or dates is 'phoenix dactlifera'. Dates are available easily and it is cheap too but very few of us know that it is a very good source of nutrients, iron, fibre and so it is recommended by naturopathy consultant and experience holders.
One can gain energy very soon by eating dates or khajoor, it is easily digestible and also tasty too.

Let's see the benefits of dates point by point:
1. Good For Bones:
It has the copper, magnesium etc which keeps our bones fit and fine so if you want to keep your bones strong then do eat khajoor time to time.

2. Very Good For Heart and Nervous System:
It has no cholesterol and very low fat is there, with this it is a good source of potassium and therefore it is heart friendly.

3. Good Source of Fibre:
If you are suffering from constipation problem then do use dates as it is a good source of fibre. For this just keep some dates in water whole the night and in the morning have it with water. With regular use patient can get good changes in health.

4. Natural Sweetness:
It is a natural source of sweetness and therefore it is healthy for all.

5. Source of Iron:
Dates are good source of iron too and therefore if anaemic person use it regularly then no doubt with in some days person will feel the positive changes in health.

6. Protects From Allergy:
The organic sulphur present in dates helps to protect from allergies of many kind.

DATES are very good source of vitamins, minerals, calcium, iron, phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, zinc, etc and it prevent from abdominal cancer, maintain the weight, very good energy booster, makes the bones strong, increase the stamina and sexual power, helpful to over come from night blindness, diminish allergy, helpful for anaemic patients, reduce the risk of strokes. so it is good for every one and it is cheap too, dates are available easily everywhere.
So eat dates and gift dates to your beloved, Make all happy, keep all fit and enjoy life.

Some consultants also recommend not to eat more than 100 grams dates in a day.

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Why dates for healthy life, Source of good energy, Why to eat dates regularly, best diet for a health, guidance to live life in a better way.

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