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Why To Not Use Soda Drinks?

What is soda, Secret of healthy life, how we intake soda in body, What are the impacts of soda drinks, Health problems arises due to soda drinks, Disadvantages of carbonated drinks, how to keep ourselves happy and fit.
best health guide on soda drinks
Why to avoid soda drinks

We all want to live a happy life, a disease free life. We also want to stop our medical expenses, we also want a healthy skin, beautiful face, slim body but it is not happening due to our own unwanted habits. It is very necessary to understand some important things before adopting healthy ways.

Until we know about the results of our bad habits we are not able to leave it any how. And in this related subject in this article we are going to know about very important thing which we use in normal day to day life in abundant. 
Here I am talking about Soda drinks, which is not away from the cold drinks. 

Secret Of Healthy Mind and Body:
We all know that oxygen is necessary for all of us to live and because of this god has made our body in such a way that we keep oxygen from the air and exhale carbon-dioxide from the body. 
In yoga we perform pranayam to increase the pranshakti and there also special practices are done to keep out the impurities of body to gain the healthy life. So if we want to know the secret of healthy life then it is only the oxygen in body which will change our body and make our body healthy and fit. 

Now Understand What is present in Soda Drinks:
Soda drinks means carbon dioxide mixed in water and so it is also called carbonated drinks. Sodium bi carbonate is mixed in water to make soda drinks. In spite of this salt and eating soda is also a good source of soda in our body. By mixing the sweeteners, chemicals, caffeine, taste of soda water changes and soothes the tongue. Because of this people become addict of these drinks. 
The suppliers of soda drinks are themselves not aware of the harmful effects of there drinks and common people are using them regularly because of good taste. These drinks has become the part of daily life in these days and we don't know that we are ruining our life. We are inviting many types of dangerous diseases. 

Let's Read About Some Disadvantages of Soda Drinks:
1. It can increase depression due to increase of carbon-dioxide in mind. 
2. User become rude, short tempered, obstinate if using the carbonated drink regularly.
3. The artificial sweetener used in soda drinks may damage the cells of brain.
4. The phosphoric acid and citric acid present in soda drinks disturb shell of teeth and makes it weak.
5. It is the major cause of fat in the body. 
6. It makes the arteries weak and thus increase the probability of heart attack and strokes.
7. It also increases the probability of diabetes.
8. Due to weak bones, unhealthy skins, weak digestion and other disease person becomes old soon. 
9. Stone in kidney may disturb your health by using soda daily. As per the research it increase the chances of kidney stone up-to 33%.
10. Soda drinks are not good for prostate too, Prostate cancer may disturb the life. As per research carbonated drink increase the chances of prostate cancer up to 40%.
11. Toilet related problems may disturb the life.
12. Chronic constipation may arise and due to this many problems may come in life.

So think how dangerous soda is for us and what are the results of in-taking the carbonated drinks. In spite of this if we are ready to use it then no body can save our life. 

Keep your self healthy, make the life of our beloved healthy, get a good mind and body by avoiding carbonated drinks, soda drinks. Don't harm your self, don't make the life hell, stop spending in medicines and live longer. 

How To Keep Ourselves Happy and Fit:
1. Do morning walk daily and perform pranayam to increase the Pranshakti or oxygen in mind and body.
2. Read good books and share good thoughts in group.
3. Make relations with positive minded people and make your aura positive.
4. Do motivate others to adopt positive attitude.
5. Do meditate at least half an hour initially and gradually increase the time. 
6. Avoid liqueur, cigarettes, soda drinks and addiction of any kind. 

I hope that this article will definitely help every one and bring awareness regarding how to live a healthy life and how to keep away diseases from our life. 

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