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Wonderful sea hotel in Dubai, The Only Sanskrit New Paper, Facts of T-20 Cricket, Why some birds not fly ?, Anna Hazare History.

Sea Hotel In Dubai ! 
sea hotel in dubai
Wonderful Sea hotel in Dubai

Sea Hotel In Dubai ! New Attraction of Dubai, Under Water Hotel of Dubai.

The place which is famous for the worldwide attraction is Dubai. Now a new attraction is going to be built in Dubai and that is World first under Sea Hotel. Dry Ducks World of Dubai and Big Invest Consult of of Switzerland will build this under sea Hotel in Dubai. The design of this hotel has been made by Firm Deep Ocean Technology Poland.

Some Special Features of This Hotel are as follows :
1) The Hotel will not fix to the sea surface and is able to rotate.
2) Artificial coral reef will be designed for attraction.
3) This will become an under water diving centre. This will have 21 rooms having big windows. 
4) The half part of the hotel will be above the surface of the sea and half part will be under the sea.
5) Swimming pool facilities will be available on this hotel.
6) Spa Facility will be available.
Now you can sleep, play, eat and do everything under water in Dubai.This hotel will have all the facility to enjoy your holidays life and make your holidays memorable.

Sea Hotel In Dubai ! New Attraction of Dubai, Under Water Hotel of Dubai.

Sanskrit New Paper "Sudharma"
best sanskrit news paper
Sanskrit News Paper

The Only Sanskrit News Paper of The World- 'Sudharma' , Sanskrit news paper of India. e Sanskrit paper.

"Sudharma" ! Perhaps this may be the only Sanskrit News paper in the world. This Sanskrit News paper will celebrate it's 43 anniversary in spit of this that this paper is struggling of it's existence. 
Without having any financial support from any one a couple is publishing this news paper. Although their courage is not over. The editor of Sudharma newspaper said that we will continue to publish this paper.Recently he was on hospital for 2 month due to stroke. But still he is working to publish this paper. His wife Jaylaxmi said that the number of readers of this sanskrit news paper are about 4000. 

Some Facts regarding 'Sudharma', the only sanskrit News paper:
1. This sanskrit paper was published first on 15th july 1970.
2. The father of Mr. Sampat Shri Varadrajan has started this paper. 
3. Sampat has committed his father not to stop this paper.
4. The yearly membership can be taken in Rs.400 only.
5. E-paper has also started of this Sanskrit news paper. 

We must save the heritage of India, because Sanskrit is a scientific language and is a very rich language of India. 

The Only Sanskrit News Paper of The World- 'Sudharma' , Sanskrit news paper of India. e Sanskrit paper

Why Some Birds Not Fly ?
best information on birds
why every bird not fly

Why Every Bird Don't fly ?, Reason of birds not fly?

Can you think of other birds that have winds but don't fly? How about a certain black and white bird that looks like it's wearing a tuxedo? That's right- it's the penguin!

We know that birds have wings, but do all birds fly? Surprisingly, the answer is 'no' ! Birds such as the ostrich the emu and the kiwi do not soar through the sky. 

These birds have a breast bone or sternum that is smooth. There is no ridge, or keel , on this breast bone. The keel is where the flight muscles of flying birds are attached. 

Birds that don't fly certainly don't need a keel! Birds that have a smooth, keel-free breast bone are called ratites. As it turns out ratites don't need to fly! For e.g. the kiwi bird of newzealand has strong legs that allow it to run faster than a human! Emus are also fast runners, and when they feel threatened by a predator they can kick with their large feet. 

Why Every Bird Don't fly ?, Reason of birds not fly?

Facts of T-20 Cricket
understand t20 cricket
T20 cricket

Facts of T-20 Cricket, Importance of T-20 cricket, How T-20 Cricket Came into existence?, Winners of T-20 Cricket Till 2012.

Only in 7 years T20 cricket has created the history in the world of sports. Within a few years T20 cricket has made people mad. The craze of this match is this that in T20 cricket only in few hours the match become complete. players has to make run fast in this match. So this is a very fast match which is being liked by the world over cricket fans.

How T20 Cricket Came into existence?
Early in England and  Wales, 'Benson and hedges cup' was organized  for home players. But in 2002 this cup was closed. The Cricket board of England and Wales(ECB) were thinking of starting something new to popular the cricket. They though that in now a days people have no time to enjoy sports. And because of this ECB has started the  T-20  cricket in which they have decreased the overs so that people can enjoy more in a very few time which will increase craze. When T-20 started it became popular than test cricket and even One day cricket.

T-20 in India:
Earlier India was not in favor of T-20 cricket but due to its popularity and earning potential BCCI has started Indian premier league (IPL).
After starting T-20 cricket International stars also came to India to participate in this. Now T-20 has become the champions league 20-20 in which many countries play to prove their strength. 

The First T-20 International:
The first international T-20 was played in 17th February 2005 between Australia and Newzealand. This match was played in okland of Newzealand. After this Australia, England, South Africa, Newzealand, West indies has started to play T-20 cricket. 

Winners of T-20 Cricket Till 2012:
In 2007- India has won the T-20 cricket Cup
In 2009 Pakistan has won the T-20 Cricket Cup
In 2010 England has won the T-20 Cricket Cup

Some Special Information related to T-20 Cricket:

1) The Highest Scorer Team - Srilanka 260/6 with kenya in 2007 ICC World Twenty-20.
2) Maximum Sixes by by Chris gayle- 222 Sixes
3) The biggest partnership in T-20 cricket was of adam gilchrist and Shaun marsh.
4) The fastest century maker in T-20 Cricket is Andrew symonds only in 34 balls. 
5) The fastest half century by Yuvraj singh of India only in 12 balls in 2007.
6) 6 sixes in 1 over by Youvraj Singh of India in the over of Stuart Broad.
7) Best Score in T-20 cricket is of Brendon Mccullum, 158 Not out. 

So T-20 cricket has become the heart of people world over, it gives a thrill to the people, T-20 has created history in the sports world.

Facts of T-20 Cricket, Importance of T-20 cricket, How T-20 Cricket Came into existence?, Winners of T-20 Cricket Till 2012.

Anna Hazare History:
anna hazaare
Anna Hazare

Anna Hazare History, History of Anna Hazare, freedom fighter.

Anna hazare was born as kisan Baburao Hazare On January 5, 1940 in Bhingar, Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra. This well-known social worker hails from a modest background. His father was an unskilled labourer and they owned 5 acres of cultivable land. Adverse farming conditions pushed their family into the grip of poverty and in 1952 hazare moved into his ancestral home in Ralegan Siddhi. He was brought up by a childless aunt who financed his education in Mumbai but financial instability pushed him into selling flowers for a living and he had to quit studies after class VII. Soon after he was recruited in the Indian army and trained as a truck driver and was given a posting in Punjab. His days in the Army were spent in reading books by great philosophers like Swami Vivekananda, mahatma Gandhi and Acharya Vinoba Bhave. Their thought's inspired him to devote his life to social work. Two near-fatal mishaps in the 1965 war with Pakistan changed his outlook towards life and seeking voluntary retirement from the army he returned to his ancestral village in 1975. Ralegan Siddhi, his ancestral village was then in the grip of drought and poverty.
For the betterment of the condition of the village he began to work independently. He used his entire savings for the developmental work of the village. He motivated the villagers into voluntary labour by his Gandhian philosophy. Canals and bunds were built to hold rainwater which solved the water scarcity problem and also increased irrigation-al possibilities in the village. Solar panels were fitted all over the village to provide electricity, bio gas plants met the people’s need for household fuel and wind pumps too were set-up.
The village no longer suffered from water scarcity and it has its own grain bank, milk bank and a school. Poverty no longer existed in the village and hazare himself has successfully motivated the villagers to give up vices like alcohol. Great emphasis is also laid on education, removal of untouchability and collective marriage and the setting up of the Gram Sabha.
Anna Hazare has truly emerged as the “anna ” or elder brother of his village and his stature today is no less than that of a saint. His immense appeal was proved when he was once arrested in connection with a defamation case in 1998. Following mass public protests, he was immediately released. His achievements have won him many awards like the Indira Priyadarshini Vrikshamitra award, the Krishi Bhushana award, the Padmashree and the Ramon Magsaysay award.

Anna Hazare History, History of Anna Hazare, freedom fighter

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