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Bharat Ratna How and When

Bharat Ratna, what is bharat ratna, how this award is given, Why Bharat ratna is being given to Shri Atal Bihari Vajpaye and Shri Madan Mohan Malviya, Bharat Ratna Encyclopaedia.

free encyclopaedia on bharat ratna
Bharat Ratna

A national award which is given by Government Of India to the deserving person is "Bharat Ratna". This award is given to the person who have worked a lot devotedly in literature, Public service and science. Every year only 3 persons are awarded if they deserve. 

This award was started in 1954 by Dr. Rajendra Prasad(the president of India at that time). At that time this award was given to alive personalities but from 1955 amendments done and then after it is also given after death if person deserves. 

Some important points related to bharat Ratna Award:
1. First Prime Minister decides the name after recommendations and then send the names to President of India. 
2. In this award in the shape of Peepal tree leaf is given with a certificate signed by President of India.
3. This is the top level award.
4. Till now 43 personalities have got this auspicious award. 
5. In 2013 again amendments done and award is also given to Sachin tendulkar who has played great matches for India.

Why Atal Bihari Vajpaye is Getting This Award?

Vajpayeeji is a great poet, kind hearted, great leader and a powerful orator. His world enters in heart directly and so put great impact on audiences. Atalji was born on 25th December 1924 in Gwalior.

He has played an important role in making the positive image of Bharatiya Janta Party(BJP). Due to his positive image many leaders from other party joined BJP.

He is not only a good social worker but his leadership is also impeccable, during his leadership pakistan was defeated in kargil war. 

Vajpaye was the first leader and prime minister who has not contact with Congress ever before. 

He is really the hero of India, his poetry gives rise to the feelings of patriotism and motivate to work for society. He has shown a new path to the politicians and citizens of India. 

A heartily congratulation To Shri Atal Bihari Vajpaye

Why Madan Mohan Malviya is Getting This Award?
Another great personality who is getting Bharat Ratna award in the year 2015 is shri Madan Mohan Malviya. He was born on 25th December1961 and is a great motivating personality. His work for society can't be ignored in any case. A very intelligent person with the feelings to do something for the nation has made him great personality. 
He has worked as an successful advocate too. He has played a great role for the independence of India and is a part of successful revolutionary change in India. 

He is the fonder for Banaras Hindu Vishwavidyalay. 

Salute to these two Great Sons Of India and there incredible work for the nation. 

Bharat Ratna, what is bharat ratna, how this award is given, Why Bharat ratna is being given to Shri Atal Bihari Vajpaye and Shri Madan Mohan Malviya, Bharat Ratna Encyclopaedia.

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