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Mauni Amavasya Importance

Mauni Amavasya importance, what to do on mauni amavasya for success, tips for successful life free.

best free article on mauni amvasya
Mauni amvasya significance

Silence is the best way to generate and to store the energy for growth in life. In hindi silence means "Maun". Normally we think that silence means not to talk but it is not so, the main meaning to be in silence is to be silence from within. No wandering of mind, no thinking, no movement, only in to be in the state of stability. This will be achieved by intense practice.

Mauni amavasya which falls every years brings an opportunity for everyone to practice silence and to devote the whole day and night to perform spiritual practices. This is the day to take holy bath in holy rivers like Ganga, yamuna, Narmada etc. and then to pray for the peace of growth of ancestors. This is the day to worship shiva, this is the day to perform puja, rituals to open the way of success in life. 

Mauni amavasya falls on the "Magh mahina"(hindi month) in winter. On this day devotees practices the silence and also keep fast/upwaas, On this day bath in triveni sangam(junction of three river) is also very fruitful. 

Mauni amavas is the day to feel the power of silence in life, it is the day to know ourself, it is the day to energize our self. So it is good to not miss this day to charge our life. 

On 20th January 2015, Maun Amvasya is falling and on this day Sun is present in Capricorn zodiac and so is the very good day to perform the pitra shanti puja, grahan dosha nivaran puja, black magic removal puja etc. 

As per the religious stories this day is also celebrated as the birthday of "Rishi Manu" (a great saint). In India People gathered in the river bank and take holy bath, perform tarpan, hawan, pujan to get rid of sins, health problems, planetary problems etc. 

What to do on mauni amavasya for success?
  1. It is good to do fast on this day with silence.
  2. Take bath in any holy river and perform shiva puja simply and pray for the peace of dosha in life.
  3. Also do offer wheat, dakshina and necessary items to needy persons, brahmins.
  4. It is also good to chant any mantra whole the day and not to do any type of sin. 
  5. Do Daan of healthy cow, gold, wheat, clothes, Black Til to the needy and deserving to open the way of success. 

If you are suffering from pitra dosha, kalsarp dosha, grahan dosha or any other malefic yoga then do rituals, puja on this day devotedly and feel the changes. 

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Mauni Amavasya importance, what to do on mauni amavasya for success, tips for successful life free.

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