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Precautions While Dealing With Depressed Person

Understand depression, how to treat depression carefully, free tips for treating depressed person, astrologer for depression problems analysis and remedies. 
best and free ways to treat depressed person by astrologer astroshree
Precautions while treating Depression 
There is no age to enter in depression, there is no specific time to enter in depression, there is no specific reason to enter in depression. It is a state of mind when a person become negative in every respect. This is the time when a person need the personal assistant of relatives, friends, colleagues etc. This state of negativity arise in generally every ones' life time to time. So it is very necessary for every one to understand that how to deal with the depressed person, what points to keep in mind while dealing with a person who is totally negative. 

Before moving further let's see some points which show that person is in depression:

  • Regular wish to eat something or there is no wish to eat anything for long time may be due to depression. 
  • No excitement for making any relationships with any one of any type.
  • Trying to live alone every time.
  • Increase of thyroid.
  • Not taking care of himself or herself.
  • Pessimistic feeling always.
  • Crying in a very short time again and again.
  • Headache regularly.
  • Passing time with social media or in anywhere alone.
  • Not doing any work with interest and properly.
  • Becoming angry in every thing.
So there are many negative incidents which shows that person is entering in depression zone. There are many persons who aware about this dangerous feeling and come-out
by themselves by adopting mind changing activities but some are not able to control there feelings and suffers a lot.
So it is very necessary for the relatives, friends, family members, colleagues to help that person to over come from this dangerous part of life. Life is not very cheap so don't waste time in trifles, enjoy every moments with every one.

Tips For Every One To Treat The Person Who Is Suffering From Depression:

  1. Don't leave the person alone in any case but it doesn't mean to just stick with him or her every time rather keep an eye on him or her so that to avoid any accident.
  2. Try to engage that person in the work which he or she likes, don't compel to do any specific work.
  3. Try to take the person in any natural place like river bank, sea shore, hill station, garden etc. 
  4. Don't try to teach him because at that time the mind is not in the state of understanding any thing.
  5. Don't debate with the person otherwise some misshapenness may occur.
  6. Try to bear his anger and behaviour for sometime by knowing that he or she is ill at that time. 
  7. Try to know the exact reason of depression and then wait for the right moment to aware that person.
  8. Don't avoid that person rather try to find the opportunity to talk with the person.
  9. Use the music, film of his or her like to change mind. 
  10. Keep yourself calm and handle the person with care.
It is also possible that due to the malefic planets mahadasha or antardasha person is suffering so it is also good to consult any astrologer to know about the astrology solutions of depression. Sometimes utara, puja, rituals, gems stones, prayers are very effective to treat any disease. So don't underestimate the power of astrology. 
Remember that ups and down is the part of life and we all pass from this phase, so it is our duty to take care of each other. 
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Understand depression, how to treat depression carefully, free tips for treating depressed person, astrologer for depression problems analysis and remedies. 

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