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Wood Apple or Bel Fruit For Health

Wood apple/bel fruit for health, know about a cool fruit, how to use bel fruit for healthy life, solutions of many digestion problems.
best information on bel fruit, wooden apple
cool fruit for summer days

A fruit which is beneficial for every one, a fruit which is helpful in curing many stomach problems, a fruit which is offered to lord shiva to please him, a fruit of summer which cools the body and mind , yes there is a very magical fruit which is known as wood apple in english and Bel in hindi, it's botanical name is "Limonia acidissima". 

In summer wood apple is one of the best alternative to keep ourself fit, fine and energetic. This fruit is rich in calcium, phosphorous, vitamins, fibre, iron etc. and so is a good energizer.

If we come to know about how this cool fruit is useful for every one and how much it has the healing properties then no one can leave this wooden apple or bel fruit. Read about a natural way to keep our mind and body cool, healthy and fit.

Let's See Some Key Benefits Of Bel Fruit:

1. It helps in curing digestion problems.
2. It is also very good for the patient having ulcers, piles, immune system problems.
3. Wood apple is also good for cancer patients for those who are having burning sensation in stomach.
4. It is also good for increasing sexual power.
5. Good for diabetic patients too. 
6. If any one is suffering from Loo in hot days then use the juice of bel, it will give you instant relief. 
7. If you are having sore problems in mouth, then chewing the leaves of bel will give relief.
8 If any one is suffering from headache then wet the cloth in juice of leaves of wood apple and keep it on head, relief will be there.
9. If any one is having weakness problem then it is good to use this fruit daily.
10. Bel is good in viral infections too.
11. Because of it's laxative property it is recommended for patients suffering from constipation.

Hindus use this fruit and leaves of this fruit to please lord Shiva. Every one can take the benefit of wood apple, It is helpful for children, house wives, working people, patients. 

If you want taste with health then definitely this bel fruit is good for you and specially in summer. But don't take it in excess otherwise may create problems. Everything is medicine when it is taken in a balance way, so always keep control on diet.

Hope astroshree blog readers will definitely take the benefit of this cool fruit and live a happy and healthy life.

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Wood apple/bel fruit for health, know about a cool fruit, how to use bel fruit for healthy life, solutions of many digestion problems.

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