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How To Take Care In Rainy Season ?

How To Take Care In Rainy Season, Monsoon care, natural ways to keep us fit and fine, free health tips for monsoon.
best ways to take care health during rainy days free by astrologer
health tips for rainy days
After a very hot weather when rainy season start then people enjoy the moments, When regular raining happens then many changes take place in environment and due to this there is need of taking great care. In this article of astroshree, I am going to focus on how to maintain health in rainy days or during monsoon. 
During monsoon sometimes it is impossible to get sunlight and different types of bacteria comes in existence and due to this different types of health problems arises in life like itching problem, eczema problem, fever, viral infections , beauty problems, digestion problems etc. So it is necessary to understand the reasons of problems and take precaution so as to live a healthy life in rainy days. 
Free Tips To Maintain Good Health During Rainy Days:
1. Don't use wet cloth in any case, it is generally seen that to enjoy the rain people just wander with wet cloth but it is not good and is dangerous for skin, If anyone wear wet cloth for long time then eczema, itching and possibility of many other skin problems may arise. 
2. Don't keep your hair wet for long time , it may cause problem of cold and cough. 
3. Use real coconut oil for massage. after taking bath just take few drops and put on body parts, it will help to make your body parts safe from different skin problems. 
4. While taking bath put some dettol in bathing water and take bath. 
5. In rainy season due to polluted water problems related to digestion also arises too much so it is good to use boil water or RO. Don't drink anywhere, keep your own water bottle always to avoid diseases from polluted water. 
6. Digestion become weak in rainy season so avoid using oily foods and fast food, eat light for healthy day.
How To Take Care In Rainy Season, Monsoon care, natural ways to keep us fit and fine, free health tips for monsoon.

7. Due to increase in bacteria in atmosphere there is a chance of bacterial infection so for protection it is good to use anti bacterial cleanser or anti bacterial face wash. 
8. After taking meal make a habit to drink water with lemon juice.
9. Due to increase in humidity in atmosphere skin becomes oily easily and so it is good to wash thrice a day with a herbal face wash. 
10. Don't use tight cloths , it may cause skin infections.
11. If you are fond of eating non-veg then do take care in monsoon, there is chances of infected meat and fish. So buy very carefully and from trusted place and also don't eat much.
Immunity is affected badly during rainy season so it is necessary to take care of health very much, do proper exercise, do take proper and light diet, avoid oily, use boil water or RO water and don't drink over, bath with warm water and use antibacterial.  
Enjoy rainy season with good and best health, keep yourself fit and fine and also keep your family members healthy.

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How To Take Care In Rainy Season, Monsoon care, natural ways to keep us fit and fine, free health tips for monsoon.

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