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Importance of Ashad Adhik Maas 2015

Importance of Ashad Adhik Maas 2015, important celebration in adhi maas 2015, what to do to attract success in life.
best astrologer article on adhik maas in english
adhikmaas 2015 importance
If we want to know about the best period to enhance our spiritual practices, sadhna, rituals for success then as per astrology adhik maas is the best period for this. This is the period which is dedicated to lord vishnu and so people perform rituals to get blessings of supreme god in this month. 

2015 Adhik Maas:
In this year adhik maas will start on 17th June and will remain till 16th July 2015. As per hindu panchang Ashad month is there during adhik maas and is bringing many important festivals which is increasing the importance of adhik maas of ashad month. 

Let's know about the important events which are coming in this adhik maas-
1. Vinayaki Chaturthi Fast and Shani Pushya is falling on 20th june 2015. So on this day one can please lord ganesha as well as shani deva, special rituals are possible to get rid of shani sade sati and shani dhaiya. So if any one is suffering from malefic shani in horoscope then don't miss this day. Consult astrologer or any experienced pundit and know the best way to perform puja on this day which is falling on mal maas.

2. Kamla ekadashi is also falling on mal maas i.e. on 28th june 2015. Ekadashi is a day which is dedicated to lord vishnu and when it is falling in mal maas then importance increases many times. So do fast and worship lord vishnu to make life fill with peace and happiness. 

3. Adhi ashad Poornima is on 2nd July 2015, a very auspicious day to perform satyanarayan katha which is to please lord narayan. It is good to recite satyanarayan katha on poornima and to feed any brhamin and take blessings from him. Do daan as per capacity.

4. Krishna paksh ganesh chaturthi fast is falling on 5th July 2015 in adhik maas, This is a good day to perform ganesh puja to get rid of problems.

5. Kamla Ekadashi fast of krishna paksh is falling on 12th July 2015, again a good day to worship lord vishnu in adhik maas.

6. Shiv chaturdashi fast is on 14th July 2015, a day to worship lord shiva and to pray for the peace and prosperity.

7. Adhk maas shradh amavasya is on 15th and on 16th adhik maas will end. 

So 2 ekadashi or gyaras with 2 ganesh chaturthi fast day, 1 amavasya and 1 poornima is coming on this adhik maas, so engage in these sacred days to perform rituals, chanting mantra, homa. Enhance your spiritual practices, attract blessings of divine energies and make your life successful. 

Easy Ways To Remove Hurdles Of Life In Ashad Adhik Maas:

Now after knowing about the importance of adhik maas and important days let me tell you how easily one can perform pooja daily on this day to enter in success zone, although it is good to consult astrologer to know about the poojas and daan as per horoscope but here some easy tips are being given for every one -

1. Do get up early in the morning and get fresh and then offer deepak, dhoop and bhog and then recite 108 names of lord vishnu daily. If it is not possible then it is good to chant mantra "om namo bhagwate vasudevaay".

2. Do visit any vishnu temple daily or any shiva temple daily and do deep daan i.e. offer deepak there. 

3. As per capacity do donate coconut in temple. 

4. Don't cheat any one, don't lie to any one, do remember lord vishnu every time.

5. Help the needy ones.

6. Whenever possible do the abhishek of lord vishnu statue with panchamrit, specially on gyaras, poornima and amavasya of ashad adhik maas. 

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