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How Toxins Affect Our Body ?

How toxins affect our body, bad impacts of toxins, how we accumulate poison in our body, Tips for healthy life, free tips for detoxification, Astrologer for health Problems Remedies.
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How Toxins Affect Body

"Health is wealth", but we all are suffering from some types of health issues among which some are becoming common in these days due to imbalanced life style and they are migraine, constipation, lethargy, diarrhoea, unable to take proper breathe, loss of memory, obesity, allergies of different kind, pains in body parts, etc. 

It is also seen that if we don't take precautions at early stage then the disease become chronic and heavy health and financial losses occurs. In this article I am going to focus on the common reasons of health problems. 

Have you ever think about the basic reasons behind these problems, let me clear that behind any problems TOXINS are present, When toxins accumulated in body then gradually body suffers with different types of problems. It is because in Ayurveda first focus is given on taking out the poision from body before starting any medicine. In acupressure also pressure are given at different points to release toxins from that part. 

What are TOXINS?
Harmful chemicals present in our body which creates health problems are called toxins. These may enter from water we drink, food we eat, air we breathe etc. Precaution is the best way to save ourselves from toxins. 

How we accumulate TOXINS in our body?
It is a fact that it is impossible to live a life without toxins because by some means we inhale it but here I am going to clear that what are the major sources of toxins in daily life. 

1. Luxury Life Style:
Now a days due to having gadgets and automatic systems people are becoming habitual of doing every thing in ease and this is the basic cause of every health problems. By 

not doing physical work or body deprive of sweat(pasina) which is necessary to take out poison from body.  And thus we accumulate poison in body. It is very necessary to perform physical work to perspire. 

2. Use of Fast Food:
Fast food is very dangerous for healthy life but in these days children are becoming addicted of fast food in which many preservatives are used and are not easily digestible, They also enhance FAT, contains salts of different kinds. All these increase the amount of toxins in body. Regular use of these things affect our digestive system badly make it weak day by day, in long run we see the impacts of it. 

3. Use of cosmetics too much in daily life for beauty:
This is again a problematic part of daily life. To show our beauty in society cosmetics are used at very high level which generally affect our natural beauty and the immunity powers of skins and other parts, gradually it becomes necessary for the user to use them continuously which prohibits the body to take out the poisons properly and gradually the user face health problems of different kinds. 

4. Not Drinking Proper Water:
Drinking water is a natural and best way to take out poisons from body but generally many ones are not able to have proper and pure water which also enhances the toxins in body. 

How to know that Toxins are Increasing in our Body?
It is not very difficult to know about this poisons in body. One can very easily find that now the amount of toxins are increasing. Let's see the symptoms of increasing toxins in body-

1. Regular headache or Migraine:
If any one is facing this problem then it is sure that digestion is affected and toxins are affecting the brain regularly and so it is necessary to take proper treatment before it becomes chronic.

2. Increasing Fat Continuously:
Gaining weight is the very common sign which confirm that person is accumulating toxins in body parts. Due to this many types of health problems arises in body. So beware of obesity and take steps as soon as possible.

3. Continuously living in Stress and Fatigue:
It is also seen in people who are having toxins in body, Due to this people are not able to perform there work properly and take stress of every thing. 

4. Unable to take proper breath:
If anyone is not able to take proper breath then it also shows the weakness of organs due to toxins in body so beware and take steps to over come from this. 

5. Regular Constipation:
A person who have good digestion is able to take out toxins easily daily but our digestive become weak due to unhealthy food and lifestyle. Due to this constipation starts. If any one is facing constipation regularly then it is a bad thing and shows the impact of toxins in body. Due to this person faces fatigues, stress, headache and become short-tempered.

6. Pains in body parts without any proper physical reason:
It is proved in acupressure and puncture that if any one is facing pain in any body parts then toxins are present there so pressure is given to release them, so if you are 

having pain then beware that you are accumulating poison in body, Do proper massage and take treatment to fit yourself. 


It is very necessary to maintain our metabolism, immune system, respiratory system, digestive system to live a healthy, wealthy and successful life. So here in "ASTROSHREE.IN" , I am providing some natural ways of detoxification which will definitely help you to over-come from many problems of life. 

1. Take deep breathe in regular interval for 2 minutes at-least, it will help you naturally to strong your lungs and also help in detoxification.
2. Don't drink cold water, it is harmful for the digestive system, instead use natural or warm water.
3. Do exercise daily for sometime and perspire, include running or brisk walking. 
4. Control the habit of eating fast food or namkeen or salty food.
5. Use black tea, herbal tea, green tea to detoxify. They are very helpful in taking out poison from body. 
6. Do learn Naiti Kriya from any yoga teacher and perform it regularly.
7. Consult an experienced ASTROLOGER to know about the best astrology means to enhance the mental and body power.
8. Take massage therapy regularly, it is one of the best way to detoxify body.

Remember different organs in body like large intestine, small intestine, heart, kidney , lungs, respiratory organs, Liver etc are important part and it is necessary to keep all of them strong and fit to live a healthy life. So do take every step to maintain a good health because "Health is real wealth".

So beware of toxins and take precaution, be healthy, be happy, be smart and beautiful naturally and live a successful life. 

Fr any type of astrology guidance for health problems you can consult ASTROLOGER here. 

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