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Radhe Maa Strange Behaviour Astrology Reasons

Radhe Maa Astrology, impact of number 3 on radhe maa, personality of radhe maa as per number 3, Astrology Reasons of radhe maa strange behaviour by astrologer.
radhe maa astrology , effect of planets on radhe maas success
Why radhe maa is spiritual master

Now a days media is focusing on a very stylish spiritual master "RADHE MAA" who said to be the incarnation of goddess durga as per her devotees. She is famous for her Jagran in India as well as in foreign countries. 

Radhe maa is facing problems because of her strange behaviour or we can say because of her different behaviour which does not suits to any saint. 

First of all let's know something about radhe maa, who is radhe maa, why she is popular and why she is facing protest now a days. 

The Original name of Radhe Maa is Sukhvinder Singh and she belongs from a small village Dorangala in Gurdaspur district in Punjab. She is a married lady as per wikipedia
After marriage to contribute in increasing household income she also took part in stitching. When her husband went to abroad in search of better livelihood then she came in touch with Mahant Ram Deen Das who gave her initiation/Deeksha and gave her the name "RADHE MAA". 

After sometime she shifted to Mumbai and got many followers there, With the increasing of her name she became very popular and also got the seat of Mahamandleshwar in a controversial environment and within 4 days she is suspended from this seat. 

Complaint Against Radhe Maa:
Because of her behaviour allegations are put on her about misleading people and making business by using religion name. 

She is also banned by the president of Akhara Parishad to take part in Nasik Maha Kumbh.

Astrology Reason Of RadheMaa Different Behaviour:

Sukhvinder Singh/RadheMaa was born on 3 March 1965. As per numerology number 3 represent Jupiter and also March is the 3rd month of the year. This shows that she is very much affected by the number 3. Read About Numbers Here

Number 3 is very powerful and people having effect of this number are very sacred if jupiter is showing good impacts in life but in case if jupiter generates over power then they become pompous, obstinate too. No one knows the actual nature of them because they become life changer because of the power of Jupiter. They want to live there own life as per there wish. 

These persons believe in spiritual science and if enter in real spiritual world then are able to reach at culmination but in case if these person enter in fake world then also they are able to mislead people by there strategy very well. 

Jupiter is a very sacred planet and makes a person sacred too. Some people who have the impact of jupiter also have some divine powers by using which they help the society. 

"Radhe Maa" is also in the influence of Number 3 and so she has the impact of Jupiter in her personality which is making her sacred  and saint too. May be she is blessed with some divine powers to change the society.

Planets makes impact on every one but it is necessary to use the astrology to remove our problematic part by understanding it deeply. Astrology reveals our personality but it is in our hand to control our malefic part through our own mind and will power.

India is a spiritual master and it is the duty of every Indian to maintain the dignity of our GREAT INDIA and the great spiritual treasures of Bharat. 
Radhe Maa Astrology, impact of number 3 on radhe maa, personality of radhe maa as per number 3, Astrology Reasons of radhe maa strange behaviour by astrologer.

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