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Ganesha Chaturthi To Remove Obstacles From Life

Ganesh chaturthi to remove obstacles of life, easy way to worship vinayaka chaturthi, special days to worship lord ganesha 2016, what to do for success in life, ganesh utsav for success.
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ganesh utsav 2015

Ganesha is the god who is worshiped first before starting any prayer as per mythology and culture of India. Ganesha is said to be the  "Pratham Pujya" among all god and goddesses. He is known as vinayaka, vighn vinashak, sarwapradaay etc.

Vakra Tund Mahakaay suryakotisamaprabh |
Nirvighnam kurume dev sarwa karyeshu sarwada ||

It means O lord ganesha you have curved trunk/soond and have powerful body and you have the power of millions of sun |
Make my way hurdle free, obstacles free always. 

This is the common prayer which generally every devotee of ganesha do while worshiping lord ganesha. Every year special celebration of lord ganesha takes place and those days are very important for the devotees. 

In the year 2015 the special ganesha celebration days are from 17th september 2015(Ganesh chaturdashi/vinayak chaturdashi) to 27th September 2015(Anant Chaturdashi).

Ganesha is the god of mind power, creativity, knowledge and as per yoga the Muladhaar chakra is the living place in the body of lord ganesha so yogis practices meditation to feel the power of ganesha within body. 

In these days devotees install statues in home, offices, market etc and on anant chaturdashi it is hand over to any water sources which also cause pollution so it is also requested to not use any chemical based ganpati but use coconut to install ganpati or use clay made ganpati which is best and help to fulfil wishes. 

If any one is facing money problems in life then ganpati puja is good.
If any one is facing family problems in life then also ganpati pooja is good.
If any one is facing any obstacles due to malefic planets in horoscope then also worship of lord ganesha will help you a lot. 
If any one is facing health problems then also ganesh puja is helpful. 

so there is no problem in life which can't be removed by worshiping ganesha and so mantra, tantra of ganesha are very popular world wide. 

What To Offer To Lord Ganesha To Please:

1. It is said that Durva grass is the best thing which if offered to ganesha then fulfil the wishes of devotee.
2. Next is Laddu of Motichoor is also very good. 
3. Banana is also favorite of ganesha. 

Offer different things every day and distribute prasad to family members, relatives, neighbours and spread the feelings of love, peace, harmoney everywhere. Pray for the health and wealth of every one and in return you will get the same. 

How to worship lord ganesha ?
1. One can recite 108 names of ganesha daily morning and evening. 
2. One can recite Ganesh atharwashirsha daily.
3. One can perform abhishek of ganpati by durva every day to remove any type of obstacles. 
4. One can smash coconut daily in the name of ganeshji by chanting the mantra to fulfil any wish. 

So there are many ways a person can please ganesha to make life successful. Do the worship as per availalble resources and capacity and enjoy. 

Astrology Benefits of 2016 Ganesh Chaturthi:
Now let's see the planetary positions and the impact of planets, are these days beneficial for spiritual practitioners, why to perform this year ganesh puja. 

Three important yogas are enhancing the importance of this ganesh chaturthi which is coming on 5th September 2016-

  1. Sun will be in its own zodiac and so is good for rituals. 
  2. Mars will be also in its own zodiac and so will give power to perform rituals successfully. 
  3. Jupiter will be also positive and so is also good for spiritual practices. 
  4. Chandra grahan yoga is also forming which is not good.
  5. Mars and Saturn is also sitting together which is not good, 
So it is good to take care while celebrating ganesh utsav otherwise accidents may be possible. Celebrate securely and safely every festival to enjoy every moments with family.
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Best wishes from Astrologer Astroshree.

Shree Ganeshaay namah

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