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Facts Related To Temper

What is temper, how anger affects health, astrology related to temper, why to avoid Gussa. 
Impacts of temper on life, how anger affects life as per astrology, free tips to control temper
Facts Related to temper
Negative emotional feelings comes under temper which may be the result of frustration, weak mental power, fear etc. It is not at all good for health and status. Some times the person comes dangerous for himself or her self and sometimes person become harmful for others too. We can also say that uncontrolled emotional feelings which are harmful comes under temper.
Temper is also called Gussa, Krodh but it is not always harmful. If someone is using this to control any other negative mind then it is beneficial at that time but it comes under tricks.
We often see that some one throw there mobile in anger, some throw whatever in there hands when looses temper and after sometime they feel that they have done wrong. This not only bring financial loss but great health loss also happens. In this article we will see what research says about short tempered people.

Let's see Impacts Of Short Tempered:

  1. If a person is habitual of getting angry then it gives arise to headache because temper affect the supply of oxygen in mind. 
  2. It may also push the person in depression.
  3. High blood pressure is also the result of temper.
  4. There is a danger of type 2 diabetes in persons who do too much temper.
  5. Research also proved that the functions of lungs also gets affected.
  6. Some also face respiratory problems if don't leave temper for long time.
  7. Digestion problems also arises.
  8. Skin problems also found with the people who lives in temper. 
  9. Insomnia is also a common problem with the short tempered persons. 
  10. Sometimes anger push the person to do crime. 
In actual it is the punishment to ourselves, it is the harm which a angry person do with himself or herself unknowingly. So it is necessary to control our gussa/krodh anyway.

Astrology Reasons Of Temper:

What is temper, how anger affects health, astrology related to temper, why to avoid Gussa. 
As per my analysis and experience I have found that if there is problem in Ist house of the horoscope then there is a major chance of becoming short tempered. For example if debilitated saturn, malefic rahu or ketu present in lagna then definitely it makes the person obstinate, short tempered and generate negative feelings time to time. 
Next is whenever malefic planets comes in transit and affects the life negatively then person starts showing temper. In reality we increase our problems by entering in temper zone. So don't do this, control yourself and live a healthy life. 

Some Free Tips To Control Temper:

  1. Keep in mind that anger is dangerous for every one so it is good to avoid the situation which push us to enter in temper zone.
  2. Whenever temper starts just start deep breathing for sometime.
  3. Do proper exercises and meditation regularly.
  4. Walk on grass in the morning without sleeper or shoes for sometime and breathe deeply. 
  5. If there is an impact of malefic planets or debilitated planets then do consult astrologer for proper solutions.
  6. Read good positive thinking quotes.
  7. Chant the OM verbally for sometime.

What is temper, how anger affects health, astrology related to temper, why to avoid Gussa. 

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