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Astrology Lesson 3, Zodiacs and Qualities

We have already read about significance of vedic jyotish/astrology, vedic months, elements related to planets in previous lessons, know in this 3rd free lesson of astrology I am going to explain about 12 zodiacs and there qualities. 
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Astrology lesson 3
we all know that in kundli numbers are written and every number is related with specific zodiac/rashi. Astrologers just by seeing the number know that which rashi is in which house.

So by knowing related numbers any one can know about related zodiac in different houses. For example 1 is related with Aries/mesh, 4 is related with Cancer or kark, 9 is related with Sagittarius, 12 is related with pisces and so on. In this lesson you can get details about number relations with zodiacs.

In zodiac belt every rashi is present in specific place and we can know them by knowing the degree of every zodiac. In this lesson we will know about degrees of rashis too. 
Every zodiac is controlled by one master, in this lesson we can know about which planet is master of which zodiac. 

Not only this every zodiac has its own color, own sex, varn etc. We can know about them by reading this lesson 3 of astrology. 
Our nature also depends upon the zodiac we have and so astrologers by knowing the rashi of any one know about some qualities of person. So here some knowledge is given about nature of person as per the rashi he or she have. 
Read all about this in this lesson, CLICK HERE

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