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One Sided Love May Be Sign Of Disease(Erotomania)

What is erotomania?, Problems with one sided love, how to deal with erotomania?, Astrologer for solutions of problems, One sided love solutions.

Are you suffering from one sided love, are you in depression due to any emotional feeling then it may be possible that you are suffering from a special type of problem known as 'EROTOMANIA'. 
Astrologer for love problems solutions
Understand One sided Love Problems

It is a special type of disease in which person lives in delusion of some kind. And because of this many types of problems arises in life. The person start thinking that whom he or she love is also in love with him or her. Because of this sometimes person show odd behaviour in public places too. In severe cases this type of person also do crime unknowingly. 

So it is very necessary to understand this disease and then do proper treatment through different ways like naturopathy, astrology, yoga, spiritual practices etc. 

In wikipedia also good details are available regarding Erotomania.

Reasons of Erotomania:

It is also found in research that the percentage of females are more in comparison to males and the basic reasons found of this disease are as follows:

  1. Due to bitter experiences in life persons suffers from this disease.
  2. Due to hormonal imbalance also this type of problems arises.
  3. Lack of friends, relations also lead to erotomania.
  4. Introvert people also suffers from this disease.

Some Astrology Reasons of Erotomania:

As I told in my many articles that planets are definitely responsible for any type of problems in life. So here I am providing that how a person fails in making true relations as per astrology. 

  • If the 7 house and 4th house are disturbed i.e. if any malefic planets are present there then person is unable to get a true relationships. 
  • If Saturn is sitting in lagna then it makes a person introvert and sensitive too. This type of person also not able to develop good relations. 
  • In the absence of positive Mercury and Venus also sometimes person is unable to develop good relations in society. 
  • In the mahadasha of any bad planets also person suffers from any psychological problems so don't underestimate any problems. Do take proper consultancy.

How To Treat Erotomania:

  1. Don't take the smile of other in wrong way.
  2. Don't take the cheerful nature of other with you in wrong direction. 
  3. If you are having any doubt then do make it clear with a good talk with the person. 
  4. Don't live ascetic life and try to enjoy times with friends, relatives positively, express your feelings, ideas. 
  5. Don't entangle yourself in any type of misconception, clear it as soon as possible.
  6. Do Meditation regularly with the divine sound of "OM".
  7. Consult doctor for proper treatment.
  8. Consult astrologer to know the best astrology ways to treat your problems.
Remember one sided love is not a disease always but if it is disturbing your life then it is better to come out of this delusion as soon as possible and move further to enjoy the life. The present moments will never come again. So enjoy your every moments, don't waste it in delusion. Be practical and strong to live this wonderful life. 
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