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Planets And Related Diseases

Planets and related diseases, houses of kundli or birth chart and related body parts, medical astrology, astrologer for solutions of diseases, treat disease through astrology.
Planets and related diseases, houses of kundli or birth chart and related body parts, medical astrology, astrologer for solutions of diseases, treat disease through astrology.
diseases and astrology

It is not unusual if any astrologer predicts the diseases just by reading the horoscope, it is not impossible to find the remedies of any disease just by analysing the horoscope. As per astrology every house of kundli or birth chart represent some specific organ of body and every planet also represent specific organ of the body. So by studying the positions of planets in a specific house it is possible to predict disease and after that it is also possible to cure it by using different ways of occult science.

Let's have a look on organs and the related planets with some diseases:

  1. If we talk about SUN then very important organs are having the impact of planet Sun. Right eye, Blood circulation, Spinal Cord etc. Diseases like sun stroke, heart problems, problems in spine, right eyes disease are predicted by studying the position of Sun.
  2. Left eye, Uterus, Stomach, kidneys etc are having the impact of Moon planet. So cough and cold, pneumonia, mental problems, internal organs problems also studied by analysing the Moon.
  3. Forehead, Muscles, blood etc are having the impact of Mars. So diseases like piles, haemorrhage, blood pressure, allergies, burns, cuts, accidents, suicidal thinking etc are predicted by studying the Mars positions in kundli.
  4. Speech organs, Lungs, Mouth, Tongue, Digestive System are related with Mercury. So it is good to study Mercury while analysing the related problems as per astrology.
  5. Right Ear, Obesity, Blood vessels, hunger etc are studied by Jupiter. 
  6. Reproductive organ, Nose, Throat, Skin, Neck etc are having the impact of Venus. So venereal diseases, gupt roga etc are studied by analysing the Venus planet.
  7. Bones, teeth, knees, joints, lungs etc are related with Saturn or Shani. So asthma, knee pain, bone diseases, etc are studied by analysing the planet Saturn.
  8. Disease related to air, poison are related with Rahu. So snake bite, cancer, leprosy, animals bite etc are predicted by analysing the Rahu in kundli.
  9. Ketu and Mars shows equal impacts.

Houses In Kundli and Related Diseases:

We can also know about diseases by studying the particular house in horoscope. So know I am providing some details on houses in horoscope and related diseases.
  • Head, brain, face, colour etc are related with Ist house of horoscope.
  • Right eye, nerves, neck, larynx, throat etc are related with 2nd house of kundli.
  • Right ear, shoulder, breath, blood, hand etc are related with 3rd house of kundli.
  • Chest, digestive system, stomach etc are related with 4th house.
  • Heart, spinal cord etc are related with 5th house of birth chart.
  • Intestines, abdomen, stomach, kidneys etc are related with 6th house of kundli.
  • Navel, waist, skin etc are related with 7th house.
  • Sexual organs, bladder, anus etc are related with 8th house of birth chart.
  • Hips, thighs, arteries etc are related with 9th house.
  • Bones, joints etc are related with 10th house of horoscope.
  • Leg, circulation of blood, left ear are related with 11th house of horoscope.
  • Feet and toes, left eye, lymphs etc are related with 12th house of kundli. 
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Planets and related diseases, houses of kundli or birth chart and related body parts, medical astrology, astrologer for solutions of diseases, treat disease through astrology.


  1. If diseases are caused due to planetary effects, is there any use in going to doctor for treatment? Is there any use in eating the right diet and living a healthy life style?

    If planets are malefic then it must be due to some bad karma. Our scriptures say that we cannot escape from consequence of our Karma's. So how can astrology help in remedying our bad karma.
    We have seen that even great enligtened Saints like Sri Ramakrishna had to suffer disease. Planets did not spare anyone, even those who led a spiritual life !! So why will they spare us?

  2. Thanks for sharing your views, Here are clarification of your doubts--
    For diseases not only planets are responsible but also our present deeds are also responsible and so visit to doctor is helpful.
    As per our scriptures , people in earth faces problems due to 3 reasons - First because of destiny, because of present deeds and third is because of any type of shrap of divine powers or energy.
    It is also correct that we can't change our destiny but if the disease is because of our present wrong living style or other thing then definitely doctor can save.
    If diseases are because of any malefic planets then also astrology ways like special prayers are beneficial because spells and hawan have there scientific significance.

    Regarding Ramkrishna paramhansa, I want to share my views that saints have power to take the diseases of there believers and devotees so we can't say anything about them that why they suffered so much.

  3. Thank you Sir for your quick response. Regarding special prayers to please the planets, I have a question. Krishna said that prayers offered to any God's come to him only. Since I am Krishna bhakta,it will be wrong to pray or beg other God's to solve my problems. If I am suffering and Krishna is not solving my problems. It means that he thinks suffering is good for me. Probably it us washing away my sins. So would it not be wrong to approach all other God's for help?
    Ramakrishna chose to suffer so did other saints. Does it not mean that they were setting an example for us. So that we will also face suffering and not try to escape from them?

    1. If you are a krishna bhakt then no need to divert yourself, he is omnipotent and omniscient, your prayers will be heard but you have to keep patience and no need to wander here and there. your true devotion will definitely compel divine energies to show you the right way.
      Krishna has shown us the path of karma yoga so do the best to getrid of problems and leave every thing on him after that. To sit in silence is not the true way.
      And regarding Ramkrishna , my view is that he has set example for saints not for common people. We don't have power to take the diseases of others but real saints have.
      He was in so deep bhakti of Mata kali that he was not aware of his own problems.
      Only by attaining his stage we can understand about that stage, discussion is not enough.

  4. Thank you Sir for your kind reply. I am happy with your views and guidance.