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Diwali Astrology by Astrologer Astroshree

Diwali astrology, Deepawali Jyotish, why diwali night is important, forecast of deepawali 2018.
diwali planetary positions on 2018, what to do on deepawali for success
Diwali Astrology
The night which is famous for the decades to perform holy rituals, process to attract health, wealth, money, divine powers is the night of Deepawali. It is really a fact that the night of amvasya of Kartik Month is really a very powerful night in which scholars/general people/businessmen/spiritual practitioners/tantrik/mantrik etc performs different types of practices to make life successful. 
Diwali night of kartik month is one of the famous ratri among the siddha ratris and therefore keep importance to perform special pooja to attract different powers.

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What Special About 2018 Deepawali:

This year Diwali will be celebrated on 7th November, Wednesday as per hindu panchang. As per astrology we give importance to the planetary positions and so if we make focus on this deepawali then I want to clear that this diwali is bringing an opportunity to make life happier because of following reasons:
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  • Jupiter will be positive which is good for spiritual practices and money making totkay.
  • Venus is also positive which will help to please mahalaxmi easily.
  • Mars is exalted which is very good and give power to perform special tasks. 
  • Moon will be also positive.
  • Ketu is also positive.

Some Precautions To Be Taken In This Diwali:

In this year deepawali, it is also necessary to take some precautions because 1 planet is not favorable -
  • Rahu is of enemy and due to this those who have malefic rahu may face some problems.

So any carelessness may lead to accidents, misshapen and loss. So avoid going to any negative place on this diwali and do use crackers safely, take care of children.

Diwali astrology, Deepawali Jyotish, why diwali night is important, forecast of deepawali 2018.

Perform Pooja to enhance business, do chant laxmi mantra to please goddess of wealth, do kuber puja to attract money, do proper rituals for health, wealth and prosperity.
So its time to start the wealth generating rituals now. 
If you need any astrology guidance as per your horoscope, if you want a charged shree yantra, charged shivling, horoacope analysis with remedies then do contact. wishes every one for a great success in this Deepawali and year ahead.

Diwali astrology, Deepawali Jyotish, why diwali night is important, forecast of deepawali 2018.

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