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What Is Bandhan Dosha In Tantra ?

What is bandhan dosha, what happens when bandhan kriya is done by someone, solutions of bandhan dosha from astrologer?
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What Is Bandhan Dosha In Tantra ?
Bandhan is a Vengeful/Tamsik process and it comes under category of Black Magic in which by using spell success of any person is stopped. Some person faces problem in business due to vyapaar bandh, some faces problem in marriage, some faces problem in having child, some faces problem in having money due to Bandhan Dosha.

Different Types of Bandhan Dosha:
  • There are many types of band are present in tantra and as per process, results also vary like as -
  • Vyapaar bandh is done to shut the business of any one. 
  • Laxmi Bandh is done to close the monetory sources from every direction. 
  • Kokh Bandh/womb bandh is done deprive any female to become mother. 
  • Body is also tied by spell so that the person is unable to perform any work for livelihood. 
  • Fields are also tied by spell so that the farmer is unable to get crops from that field. etc.
If anyone is tied with rope then it is easy to getrid of it but if anyone is tied by spells then it is very difficult to find out and to getrid of it. Invisible obstacles are very dangerous and finish the person, family, business etc. if treated not in time.

Let's See What Happen When Any One is Suffer From Bandhan Dosha:
  1. A good running shop gets closed gradually due to vyapar bandh prayog. 
  2. Customers don't get satisfied and they start ignoring the shop which lead to loss. 
  3. Machines in factory arise problems without any genuine reasons. 
  4. Stress may be felt by people where bandhan process is done.
  5. Person avoid going in work. 
  6. Affected person start quarrel with every one. 
  7. Pain in body and heaviness is felt by person due to Bandhan dosha. 
  8. Conflicts in family and lack of peacful environment may be seen in family. 
  9. In every step person face difficulties. 
  10. Female is unable to conceive due to Bandhan dosha. 
  11. Person faces humiliating environment every where. 

Let's Know Which Persons Easily Get Affected By Bandhan Dosha:
  • If anyone has doubt that he or she is affected by bandhan prayog then it is good to consult astrologer for horoscope reading. 
  • If there is any malefic planet in transit then it is possible to get trapped by bandhan dosha easily. 
  • If grahan yoga is forming in transit then also it is possible to get affected by invisible energies. 
  • If Rahu and moon is sitting together in horoscope then this type of person easily affected by black magic. 
  • Combination of Saturn and Mars in kundli also makes yoga to get affected by negative energies. 
  • Combination of rahu and sun also arise bad impacts on life. 
  • If moon is seen by malefic planets in horoscope then also create problems of different kinds. ec.
Now Let's Know Some Home Remedies Of Bandhan Dosha in Black Magic:

  1. Do take 1 handful cereal and move it from head to feet 21 times and then feed birds. Do this process on chaudas and no moon night.
  2. Do recite hanuman kawach 40 days daily and also put dot of sindoor of hanumanji. 
  3. Do worship kul god and kul goddess, do offer lemon and coconut and pray to free from any problems. 
  4. Do sprinkle Urine of cow and ganga jal on affected person and premises 40 days regularly to free from any bandhan dosha.
  5. Do worship peepal tree present in Cremation Ground and do offer water, dhoop, deepak and bhoga. Pray for protection. You can also take 7 round of it. 
  6. In auspicious time do take root of Calotropis gigantea and put sindoor of hanumanji over it and then hang it above the main entrance gate. 
  7. Do ask the pujari of Bhairav temple to perform Jhada process. 
  8. Above all you can also CONSULT ASTROLOGER and ask to make BANDHAN MUKTI KAWACH after performing special pooja. 
  9. Do hawan by mixing black pepper and mustard with 108 names of durgaji or goddess kali. 
  10. Do give dhoop of guggal daily.

Consult astrologer and show your horoscope to get best remedies of your problems.
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What is bandhan dosha, what happens when bandhan kriya is done by someone, solutions of bandhan dosha from astrologer?

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