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Eczema Treatment and Remedies

What is eczema, reasons of eczema or dermatitis, astrology reasons of eczema, treatment of eczema, astrologer for health problems solutions, Home treatment and astrology solutions of eczema.
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Eczema reasons and remedies
A very common skin disease is eczema or dermatitis, due to this skin disease skin become dry, small pimples comes out and sweet itching disturb the daily routine life. The persons who has problems in blood or allergy with different things generally suffers with eczema.

Let's see in which part of body we faces this problem:
  1. In wrist generally small pimples comes out and because of it person is unable to wear watch. continuous itching harasses the person. 
  2. Back also suffers with eczema and due to this person feels uncomfortable. 
  3. In the both side of thighs also eczema comes out and person sometimes feels awkward in the society. 
  4. Some person faces this problem in the private part of body too. 
  5. In the lower part of leg also this arises. 
So eczema can come out anywhere and it is necessary to treat it in early stage otherwise it becomes a very big problems and due to this person is unable to perform the daily routine life smoothly.

What is the REASON of ECZEMA?
There may be various reasons of eczema, let's see some of them below-
  • Too much working in hot weather. In this case due if there is too much moisture then person perspire much and it lead to eczema.
  • Use of Synthetic cloth. In hot weather many persons don't digest the synthetic cloth and continuous use of these cloths make the skin affected. 
  • Allergy with dust, smoke etc. There are some persons who has allergy with some things so when they come in contact with them, eczema happens. 
  • Tension, over pressure in mind is another important reason of eczema. 
  • Some person have problems with special type of detergents, bathing soap, perfumes etc which also cause skin problems. 
Astrology Reasons of Eczema:
As I have cleared in many articles that planets plays very important role in any type of happenings. So if any one is facing skin problems then there is definitely some problems will be detected in horoscope too. 
Generally if Venus is affected in kundli then persons faces skin problems. In some cases due to malefic Saturn also person faces the eczema problems. combination of Venus and Mars also generate the skin related problems. 
So there may be various reason which can only be found after proper analysis. So do consult an expert astrologer to know the exact reason and remedies of your problems.

Home Treatment of Eczema:
  1. Pair your nails regularly as they are the main source of disease.
  2. Use soap, shampoo, oil which suits you. Avoid chemicals.
  3. Wear light cloths and also cotton cloths are best in summer.
  4. Drink water properly.
  5. Keep your digestion ok.
  6. Don't keep your self too much hungry for long time. 
  7. Take precaution while wearing gems stones and metalling ring or bracelet. 
Astrologer for the treatment of eczema:
If you are suffering from skin problems and want astrology remedies then do contact astrologer astroshree for proper analysis and solutions of disease. You can know about the best ways to heal your self and also you can know about best gems stone, best pooja, best spells to over come from health problems. 
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What is eczema, reasons of eczema or dermatitis, astrology reasons of eczema, treatment of eczema, astrologer for health problems solutions, Home treatment and astrology solutions of eczema.

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