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Chaitra Navratri Will Be Of 8 Days In March 2018

chaitra navratri significance2018 by best astrologer
Chaitra Navratri Will Be Of 8 Days In March 2018
In this year chaitra navratri will be of 8 days and new Samwat 2075 will start from the Ist day of Navratri. 
The very important thing about this chaitra navratri is that it is starting on Sunday and ending also on Sunday so this year chaitr mataji days are heading by Sun which is very good for doing spiritual practices.

Date of Chaitra Navratris In 2018:

Navratri will start from 18th March, Sunday and Ashtmi and Navmi will be on 25th, Sunday. So this year chatra navratri will be of 8 days.

Planetary Positions As Per Astrology:

  1. In this navratri Sun and Budh are sitting together and forming budhaditya yoga which is very good for saadhna, rituals.
  2. Ketu is also in good position and so is good for performing tantrik prayog.
  3. Venus will be exalted and so is very good.
  4. Although Mercury, Rahu and Jupiter are not in good position so Practitioners may face difficulties in maintain stability of mind.
Since sun is heading this navratri so it is good to perform practices to attract Name, Fame, Knowledge in this chaitra mataji days. 
Also since Venus is exalted so it will help to perform practices to reform relationship problems, love problems, family problems, marriage life problems.

Navdugas has enormous power to transform anyone life. So it is good to perform practices devotedly during these powerful days to attract blessings of goddess.

Chaitra Navratri Ghat Sthapna Mahurat:
best time of kalash sthapna on this chaitra navratri march 2018
Mahurat of ghat sthapna
This year Navratri is celebrated with great joy in India for 8 DAYS. All the 9 days of navratris are very POWERFUL and ENERGETIC to perform rituals, pooja, spiritual practices. 
Worship of females child is also very important in Navratris.
To burn Akhand Jyoti is also said to be very auspicious in navratris.

Mahurat Of Kalash Sthapna/Ghat Sthapna:

On the first of day of Navratri People install a kalash which represent the goddess and whole the 9 day devotees worship this kalash. It is also called Ghat. If it is installed at right mahurat then no doubt power of goddess is felt.
In 2018 chaitra navratri will begin from 18th, Sundayand following are the best Mahurat for Kalsah sthapna or Ghat sthapna:
  • Morning from 9 to 10:30 AM -- Labh Mahurat
  • From 10:30 to 12:00 PM-- Amrut Mahurat
  • From 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM -- Shubh Mahurat

Let's Now Which Goddess Will Be Worshipped On Which Day of Navratris:

  1. 18th March 2018 ↠ First day of navratri, We worship goddess Shailputri.
  2. 19th March 2018↠ Second day of navratri, we worship goddess Brahmcharini.
  3. 20th March 2018↠ Third day of navratri is related with Maa Chandraghanta.
  4. 21st March 2018↠Forth day of navratri is associated with maa Kushmanda.
  5. 22nd March 2018↠Fifth day of navratri is related with goddess Skandmata.
  6. 23rd March↠ 6th day of navratri is related with goddess katyaayni.
  7. 24th March↠7th day of navratri is related with maa kaalratri. 
  8. 25th March 2018↠ 8th and 9th day of navratri is related with goddess maha gauri and Siddhidatri. 
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Date of chaitra navratri in 2018, astrology of chaitra navratri, significance of navratris, Ghat sthapna mahurat or Kalash sthapna mahurat for chaitra Navratri 2018.

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