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Kanyakumari | Place For Peace

spiritual places of India
Kanyakumari | Place For Peace , Visiting Points of Kanyakumari-Swami Vivekananda Rock,Sant Tiruwalluwar,Gandhi Smarak, 

At the south border of India a great spiritual place is present and i.e. 'KANYAKUMARI'. 
This is a famous tourist and spiritual place where the people from world over come to energize them selves. 
This is a miraculous place surrounded by 3 Ocean Hind Mahasagar on South, Arab sagar on West and Bangal ki khadi on East. 
The peace of this place and the sunset view of kanya kumari are attracting the people from world over for the decades. You can easily get the treasure of sea here like shankh, sipis, kaudis etc. 

Some Important Things About KanyaKumari:
The Main thing about the sunset is that you can view sunset from 15th  October to 15th of March. On the 'FullMoonDay' You can see the miracle here. The nature of sea changes here on full moon day. You can see the sunset and Moon rise about at the same time here. 

Visiting Points of Kanyakumari:

1. Swami Vivekananda Rock-
visiting places of kanyakumari
Vivekananda Rock

In the year 1892 Swami Vivekananda came to kanyakumari and meditated here in a twin rock. The whole mandapam is made as like the shri ramkrishna temple of bailur. Its Entry gate design is just like the ajanta elora caves design. 
The Rock where swami vivekananda meditated has the mythological significance too. It is also known as 'shreepaad paraai'. It is said that goddess Kumari has done Penance( तपस्या ) here.
This may be one of the reason of why vivekananda meditated here for long time. 
In the main room of this monument there is a copper statue of Swami Vivekananda. There is a 'Dhyan Mandapam' room near by hall on this monument where devotees meditates. 
This Rock is 200 meter away from sea coast and Steamer are available to reach here from 8 am to 4 pm daily. 

 2. Sant Tiruwalluwar:
spiritual place at kanyakumari
Sant Tiruwalluwar Statue

In the 2nd Rock there is a statue of famous poet of tamil Tiruwalluwar. He composed the famous 'tirukural'. This is considered the veda of Tamil. 
He has written the poems in 38 section related with religion, that's why the height of the peeth here is 38 feet and the total no. of section in poems related with A'rth' and 'kaama' is 95 that's why the height of the statue is 95 feet. 

3. Gandhi Smarak:
visiting places of India
Gansdi Smarak
In a short walk there is gandhi smarak. Mahatma gandhi came in Kanyakumari in the year 925 and 1937. 
This monument is made as per the Odisha vastu art. The Urn (अस्थि कलश ) of mahatama gandhi was kept here before immersing on 12th february 1948.
Every here on 2nd October right at 12 Sunrays strike the place where the Urn of gandhiji was kept. Isn't it a miracle. 

So visit Kanyakumari for peace, to see the miraculous vastu art, to feel the spiritual energy, to see the sangam of 3 ocean and to see the memories of great saint swami vivekananda. 

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Kanyakumari | Place For Peace , Visiting Points of Kanyakumari-Swami Vivekananda Rock,Sant Tiruwalluwar,Gandhi Smarak


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