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Black Magic Remedies

Black magic remedies by astrologer, how to destroy kala jadu easily, ways to protect from black magic.
I am writing this very important article for the persons who are suffering from black magic and for the persons who want to know about the remedies of black magic. Also who don't believe in black-magic can get very important information which compel them to believe in black magic.

kala jadu solutions by jyotish and astrologer
Black Magic Remedies by astrologer

What do you say if a blind men say to you that there is no morning, the same answer will be for the person who don't believe in black magic or evil eye effects etc.

Some one may says that in this age of science and technology there is no existence of black magic and evil eye effects but this is no use for the persons who is still facing this problem in this scientific age.

There are some places in Assam, Bengal, chhatisgarh,Africa and many other part of the world where you can see many persons suffering from black magic, witchcraft, vodoo. So whether you believe or not black magic exist and people are doing this to harm others and to get work done anyway.

Do you ever thought why people are using this bad practice?

The answer is simple with the increase of competition,jealousy, temptations, hunger to get social and monetary power in life soon people want to adopt the short cut way. Black magic is the short cut way to get all the necessary things by using evils powers. But one thing must be kept in mind that everyone has to pay something to get something and so those who are interested in using this evil powers to fulfill wishes must ready to sacrifice something important in life. 

Explanation of BLACK MAGIC

  1. Black magic is a process adopt by the people who are negative minded and those who worship shaitan i.e evils.
  2. This lore is used to harm, kill, to put others in danger, to put someone down in life.
  3. Jealous people use this to ruin the life of competitors or relatives.
  4. Some special mantra, things and yantra are used to do black magic.
  5. There are various names of black magic such as - jaadu tona, kala jadu, mooth karni, Voodoo etc.
  6. Some special things which are used in black magics are- Lemon,chilies Black turmeric, Kumkum,dolls, pins, ash, coconut, Rai, kaali urad etc.

Effects of BLACK MAGIC

There are many dangerous effects of black magic which ruin the life of a persons. Some effects are -
  1. Black Magic can destroy the personal life by disturbing the love life, relationships, trust etc. and lovers start getting away from each other, bad decisions attract losses, and frustration, temper affect the personal life badly.
  2. It can destroy the professional life by stopping the person from doing job, business.
  3. It can push the person in diseases and person may suffer from paralysis, mental problem, hallucination etc. 
  4. Kala jadu can make a person insane or mad because it take away the power to think properly and to say right words at right place.
  5. It can make a person total handicapped because victim is unable to think and work.
  6. Black magic can also kill animals i.e. pets at home start dying due to evil eye effects.
  7. It creates Insomnia because person lives in fear which just take away the peace of mind and sleep.
  8. It generate quarreling nature because person who lives in fear and frustration become irritable and try to fight with everyone. Since the negative energy fill the mind with negativity and person is unable to trust anyone.
  9. Male or female may get hypnotized with this practice for unwanted things. This is done in case of love. Some people want to have there partner in any case and so they use the kala jadoo to break the relationship or use the vashikaran process to attract the one.
  10. Kalajadu can increase financial problems in life because some competitors use the bandhan prayog on others so as to block the earning sources.
  11. Victim passes through extreme depression because of failure in every segment of life.

Positive Effect of Black Magic:

It is not only used to harm a person but it is also used to cure persons suffering from black magic. It's a special process which can be either used positively or negatively. Experienced astrologers and tantrik are familiar with the black magic healing process, in this some use utara, some perform mahakali pooja, some do lord dattatray worship, some perform lord hanuman puja, Narsingh Pooja etc. Healing methods depends upon the knowledge of scholar or healer and the need.

Who are affected Mostly?

The effects of black magic can be easily seen on the persons -
  • Who don't believe in positive energies.
  • Who are addicts of bad habits like smoking, eating unusual things, drinking and making illegal physical relation ships.
  • Those people who have Rakshas Gan in horoscope.
  • Native with grahan yoga in kundli, angarak yoga in birth chart or other malefic yoga in horoscope can be easily trapped by negative energies.

Some Common Symptoms of Black Magic:

There is no fix symptoms in this case, it depends upon the type of process used by doer. Some victims passes through change in skin colors, losing eye sign, losing decision making power, breakup, regular accidents etc. some common symptoms are given below for knowledge-
  • Victim of black magic have Nightmares due to which he or she try to avoid sleeping and suffer from other diseases.
  • Some people have red eyes at a particular time.
  • Person is not able to do job or business in spite of having good physic.
  • Frustration without any reason arises in mind and this make the person short tempered.
  • Sudden down fall of business or job loss also seen because of black magic.
  • Amnesia also seen in some victims.
  • Dream of falling from height. This is experienced by many people who suffered from black magic.
  • Dream of sinking in water is also experienced by many.
  • Unable to diagnose the problems related to health.

Black Magic Remedies:

It is very difficult to get the real healer or the person who can save you from this black magic. Remedies of black magics are different as per the type of black magic but here i am providing some information which can help you to over come from this problem.

Effective remedies for Black magic.

Solutions of this problems are not common, there are home remedies, prayers, tantrik poojas and other processes which can be adopted after consulting an experienced astrologer.
  • A very bitter truth regarding Black magic is that it is done mostly by very close person or relative so always be alert if you have doubt on any one.
  • Worship your kuldevi and kuldevta(Family diety). They definitely protect us from the evils.
  • Do meditation daily and make your innerself strong.
  • Don't keep any negative feelings in your mind.
  • Avoid using liquor, smoking.
  • Don't eat with the suspicious people.
  • A very special Utara- Take a lemon and put some kumkum on it and move it about 21 times from head to feet of the victim and take it to a place where 4 road meet and cut it in 4 piece and throw it there or you can also throw it to a dirty place or sewer.You can do this process on every Amawas or non full moon day.
  • Utara Can also be done with an egg.
  • If you find and unwanted materials near your boundary like as lemon, rai, haldi nails etc then throw them out immediately.
  • In medicine you can use Homeopathy or other alternative medicines.
  • There are Kawach which is very important for the person who is affected with this problem.
  • Another important way to over come from the problem of black magic is to consult a right person.Who can guide you better to save your whole life.;
  • Our Special Sarwarist Nivaran Prayog is a very powerful Anusthaan To Overcome from the problem of Black magic.

Remember one thing that there is not a common remedies for every one but only after analysis it is possible to heal a person, so don't follow any instructions just after reading it in any book. Consult BLACK MAGIC remedial expert and then take further steps to cure victim.

Pratyangira Kawach

Black magic remedies by astrologer, how to destroy kala jadu easily, ways to protect from black magic.


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