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What Is The Reason of Not Having Satisfied Sex Relation?

What Is The Reason of Not Having Satisfied Sex Relation?, Best Sex consultant, Sex Astrologer, Solution of Sex problems through Astrology.

A very important question always arise in mind of persons who are dissatisfied in sex relations. There are many persons around us in our friends, in our relatives who are satisfied in making relations but other are not. There are very lucky persons who are not having good physic and monetary power but they have good relations with opposite sex.
dissatisfied relationship as per astrology
reason of dissatisfied relationships

So the question is that what is that which makes it happen the above conditions. Why some are regularly get involved with opposite sex but some are even getting problem in having a single relation.

Here I am going to reveal this mystery of sex relations?

Astrology will help you to know the answer of this question. Astrology and sex has very close relation. Only an experience astrologer, the best astrologer can give you the answer of this question. No doctor of world can solve your this type of personal problems. Only astrology science can help you to live a happy life. One perfect guidance from and experience astrologer can change your life completely.

Benefits You get:

  • You will get good friends.
  • You will come out of depression.
  • You will come out from sexual problems.
  • You will come out from negative feelings.
  • Happiness will enter in your personal life.
  • Your life will become smooth.
So don't worry if you are facing any difficulties in maintaining your relations. Don't worry if your married life is getting disturbed due to any sex problems. Don't worry if you are not having good friends.
Consult best astrologer and personal consultant.

Now let's have the answer of What Is The Reason of Not Having Satisfied Sex Relation?

As per astrology Venus or shukra is the planet which is very much responsible for the happiness in personal life, Sexual life etc. 4th and 7 place is also very important from the point of view of sexual relationships. Some times 8th place is also studied to analyze minutely this situation.
  1. Now understand this concept if any person has good power of Venus in his horoscope and if it is sitting with favorable zodiac sign then definitely person will have good relations with opposite sex.
  2. If  the 4th, 7th and 8th place is very powerful and have effects of good planets than also the personal life of person will be good.
But some times the above situations are not present in kundli or horoscope and just opposite things are forms and due to this sexual life, personal life, married life of person get entangled.

But it doesn't mean that there is no solution. There is solution of these problems. if some one is suffering from this problem then he or she must consult an astrologer who can analyse the data and then provide you the right solution.

And I assure you that if you take proper remedies and follow the instruction as it is you will definitely over come from your relationships problems and lead a happy life.

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What Is The Reason of Not Having Satisfied Sex Relation?, Best Sex consultant, Sex Astrologer, Solution of Sex problems through Astrology.

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