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Cold Fever and Headache Astrology Remedies

Cold fever and astrology remedies, Reasons of cold fever, remedies of cold fever through power of astrology, tips to cure cold fever. Headache or Migraine Reasons and Remedies through astrology, Astrologer for health problems and solutions
Cold fever and astrology remedies, Reasons of cold fever, remedies of cold fever through power of astrology, tips to cure cold fever. Headache or Migraine Reasons and Remedies through astrology, Astrologer for health problems and solutions.
Cold Fever and Headache Astrology Remedies

Cold Fever Symptoms and Reasons of Cold Fever:

This is a fever when come shows the symptoms of shivering with very high fever. This is actually a dangerous form of malaria The main reason of this disease is not taking the treatment of malaria properly.
Another reason of this problem is lack of haemoglobin in the body. In spite of this cold fever also seen as a initial symptoms in the diseases like cancer, ads, T.B etc. It is better to take proper remedy soon.

Astrology Reasons of Cold Fever:

If the moon or lagna is weak in any horoscope, kundli or birth chart then there is a very chance that the person will affected from this disease. The malefic effect of sun and Mars also create environment to have this cold fever disease. Jupiter in 6th, 8th and 12th house is also responsible to generate this type of disease.

Symptoms of Headache or Migraine:

Headache is a very general problem which is generate by different type s of reasons in daily life like anxiety, pollution, weakness, depression, very hard work, not having proper sleep, working in sunlight, not having proper meal on time etc.
If proper care is not taken timely then it convert into migraine. Person gets headache in a particular interval, on a specific side or part and some time on special time. 

Remedies of Cold Fever and Headache Through Astrology:

If a person is suffering from cold fever always then it is better to get proper analysis of his birth chart, kundli or horoscope and then proceed for proper remedies.
  1. Through special process to cool down the malefic planets will make the life healthy.
  2. By wearing special stones under proper guidance is good.
  3. By doing special homa time to time will also reform the environment to be healthy.
  4. By doing proper meditation with special commitment is good.
  5.  There are several yantras if installed and regular chanting will be done then it will help a lot to over come from various diseases. 
  6. Chanting of special mantras also generate power to fight with the germs of cold fever and Headache or migraine.
  7. In this diseases some suggest to wear pearl, coral or emerald but in my research i have found that it is not good to wear these gems stone with proper analysis. 
So do consult an experience astrologer before wearing any gems stone. 

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Cold fever and astrology remedies, Reasons of cold fever, remedies of cold fever through power of astrology, tips to cure cold fever. Headache or Migraine Reasons and Remedies through astrology,Astrologer for health problems and solutions,.


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