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Kalajadu Effects And Remedies

Kalajadu impacts and remedies, How it is done and which items are used to perform evil energy effects, what symptoms are seen on victim of kalajadoo, best ways to remove, Astrologer /jyotish to Cut kalajadu.

Because of increasing negative competition kalajadu is also getting increased. This is the easiest and dangerous way to harm any one. Kalajadu is the negative use of occult science. The user of kalajadu don't know one thing that it destroy the user too. There are many family in my contact who used the black magic in earlier time but now they are suffering a lot. Sudden death of family member, chronic diseases are present in their family. Kalajadu is done only by the greedy persons who wants to get things by hook or crook soon.

all about kala jadu impacts and removal ways by astrologer
Kalajadu Effects And Remedies

What is kalajadu?

A very important question and it is very necessary to know the answer of this question that what is kala jadu and how it is done. As i said earlier that kalajadu is the misuse of science. In this by using the mantra power tantrik controls the spirit and get their things done. In this some special things are also used after activating it's power. In kalajadu evils powers are used to get the things done. It is used by the destructive minded persons. A little knowledge is sometime very dangerous and this seems in this world who are using kalajadu just for earning name, fame and money. They don't know that this will ruin their future and then no one can save them.

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How kalajadu is done?

Kalajadu is a very dangerous to practice but it is necessary to know that how it is done. For knowledge i am providing here some information. Kalajadu is done by using some special types of mantra and things and on special time to harm other. In this generally amavasya is used, grahan time is used, dark nights are used. It is done from cremation ground, graveyard, kabristan etc. In this help of evil spirit is taken by tantriks. In this tantrik give offer things to the evil spirits and compel them to do the specific works for them.

Kalajadu is done with some special types of totkay too. In this some negative things are put in rivals places and the game of destruction started. So it is a very destructive way which not only harm other but also ruin the user too. But due to lack of knowledge people use this lore.

It's my humble request to not use kalajadu in any case and also keep yourself away from this types of persons who try to use kalajadu.

Kalajadu effects and remedies, How kalajadu is done, Things used in kalajadu, Some symptoms of kalajadu on victim, How to find that a person is suffering from kalajadu, best Protection ways, Astrologer To Cut kalajadu, Jyotish To Cut Kalajadu.

Things used In Black Magic:

Impure things as per common persons are used in this like as excreta, toilet water, nails, cloths, different parts of animals, blood, soil, puppets, Lemon, Pins, skull, bones, hairs etc.

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Let's find some impacts which will clear you that the person is affected from Kalajadu:

  1. Person fears to enter in temple or sacred place.
  2. Person become angry very soon.
  3. On special time abnormal behavior is seen.
  4. Body become lean very much.
  5. The color of eyes become change.
  6. Some times victim feels pain in whole body.
  7. Some times person talks with himself.

Now I am telling you some best protection ways which if you follow you will be able to protect your self and your family members from kalajadu:
  • Always sprinkle holy water after coming from cremation ground.
  • For female it is good to not cross any intersection of 4 roads during menustration time.
  • It is good to do proper utara if you have any doubts of kalajadu effects.
  • If you think that you have hidden enemies then do wear special protection siddha tabij.
  • Install siddha Yantra in your house after consultation.
  • There are some special things which if charged and buried under the main gate then no negativity is able to enter in house.
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How To Over come From Kalajadu?

After knowing that a person is suffering from kalajadu it is very necessary to tak proper treatment. Here i am providing some ways which will give some relief to live life smoothly.
  1. Have patience and bring sindoor of Hanumanji and put dot on the person daily.
  2. Do utara with rai and salt.
  3. Contact the person who knows about this to help you better.
  4. There are some powerful temples of hanumanji like mehdipur balaji where the treatment of this is done.
  5. There are some dargah where also this type of treatment is done like jawra in M.P.
  6. Sprinkle holy water on the victim.
  7. There are some people who know how to treat person affected from black magic.
  8. There are special tabij which can protect you from any evil energies. To get evil protection tabij you can contact me.
  9. On diwali night also many process are done to remove black magic.

I have cleared here some things which can definitely help you to understand kalajadu. If you think i can help you in any manner then do contact me.

kala jadu impacts and removal ways by astrologer
Kalajadu Effects And Remedies

In my previous article Kalajadu impacts and remedies i have already cleared about what is kalajadu, how it is done, what things are used in it. Now i am telling you about the solutions of kalajadu. There are some simple ways which i done properly then it protect the house, family members from kalajadu.

Solutions of Kala Jadu:

  1. Bring the sindoor of hanumanji on Tuesday and use the dot of it regularly.
  2. Get a Siddha rudraksh pendent and wear it on auspicious time.
  3. There are some special ganda and tabij are made on auspicious time of navratri, grahan, holi etc. If you get it and wear, it also protect from kalajadu.
  4. There are some special type of oil which if used for massage then it will protect from kalajadu.
  5. If you are familiar with 'Dhatura' then on Pushya nakshatra day bring it whole and do utara of house and person and bury it on cremation ground invertly. It will give relief.
  6. Take red chilly, rai, salt and move it 21 times head to feet and burn it in front of victim.
  7. Get charged holy water from any priest or scholar and sprinkle on whole house and victim.
  8. Get a kalajadu protection tabij and wear it.
  9. If any planet is affecting badly then it is good to proceed for Planetary peace process.
  10. There are special gems stone ring which if worn properly on auspicious day then it shows miraculous effects.
  11. Special siddha yantras are present which if installed properly then no doubt your house will be protected from kalajadu.
If you want any of the above things then do contact. After proper analysis proper guidance is given for protection from evil energies or kalajadu.

Protect your self from kalajadu, protect your house from kalajadu, protect your business, Industry from kalajadu. Get the powerful ways of protection from kalajadu from astroshree.

Kalajadu impacts and remedies, How it is done and which items are used to perform evil energy effects, what symptoms are seen on victim of kalajadoo, best ways to remove, Astrologer /jyotish to Cut kalajadu.


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