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Business And Black Magic

Business and black magic, Reasons of failure in work, Siddha yantras and totkays for protection, symptoms of black magic attack.

Use of black magic in business in this competitive age is getting common day by day. This negative use of science is used by the persons who are jealous of other growth. The user of black magic don't know the side effects of this black science. The victim of black magic is unable to grow and business gets locked suddenly. So it is very necessary to protect our business from black magic and if it is done then do remedy as soon as possible.
Business And Black Magic

Business Risk ! From Whom?

This is a very important question that from whom you have to take care of your business. If we find the answer of this question then it would be easy to mover further.
  1. The Competitors- Competition is good but some persons want to win in any case and this feelings insist them to use the black magic to dominate the other's business.
  2. The Negative minded persons who like to embarrass others- There are some person who don't like the happiness of others and for this they use the negative science to embarrass just for sake.
  3. The negative energies which increases in some special time period- In some special time of amavas or no moon night the power of negative energies increases and on that time some business owners suffers.
  4. The evil eye effects- This is a very common problem in this world, there are various persons enters in our business premises some of them are not of good mind and energies. In this world there are many persons who if see you with wrong intention just finish your business. This type of effect is called evil eye effects. WE have to protect our business from this evil eye effects.
  5. The totkay which others do to harm others- Many persons do the totkay and put it in the intersection of 4 roads if by mistake a business men get in touch with it then he or she suffers. So we have to take precaution.
  6. The totkay which others do to enhance their life- There are some totkay which are done for life enhancement but it affects the life of others if get in touch.

What are the symptoms of black magic on any business?

How to know that our business is suffering from black magic. The negative use of occult science is a very important question. Business is the source of livelihood so negative minded persons uses the kala jaadu or black magic to destroy the business to dominate any one. So don't underestimate any type of negative incidents if it is going on with your business. Consult astrologer or scholars to get business remedies at once.

Let's see some important symptoms which the owner of the business feels due to black magic-

  • The business gets blocked it is due to the process of "vyaapaar bandh".
  • The customers don't want to stay in business premises.
  • Continuously headache in the mind of business owner or the persons who are present in the business premises.
  • Regular fall in business.
  • Strange smell in the business premises.
  • Frightening dreams.
  • Strange type of fear in the mind of business owner or the sales persons.
  • Switching of sales staff rapidly.
  • Dissatisfaction in the mind of customers.
  • Abnormal behavior of business owner.
  • Finding some tantrik items in the business premises like as bones, sindoor, lemon, black sesame, chilly etc.
  • Sudden accidents.

What To Do To Protect Our Business Premises From Black Magic?

If you think that you have danger from your competitors then it is better to use the precautionary measures which will not only protect you but also enhance your business.Astrology and occult sciences provide great ways and tools to protect our self from black magic and negative energies.
  1. Install a siddha mahakali yantra in the business premises. Where to install this yantra depends upon the circumstances for this you have to discuss the matter with an experienced consultant.
  2. There are some totkay which if done properly and the things are kept in our cash box then also the business thrives.
  3. Use of lemon and chilly on every Tuesday and on Saturday in business premises also protect the business from evil eye effects. Read about more home remedies.
  4. Use of holy fire (Hawan) in the business premises in every couple of months is also beneficial.
  5. Sprinkle the holy water in the business premisesat-least once in a week also remove the negative energies.
  6. Use of Alum in proper place also protect from negative energies.
  7. Use of holy ash in business premises also protect the area from black magic.
  8. Use of 'gomutra' is also beneficial.
  9. Siddha Shree yantra is also a good solution of black magic problems.
With this it is also good for the business owner to wear some special siddha kawach to protect him self or her self. There are many other ways which is not possible to disclose here but by discussing the case you can get them.

Some Important Tips To Protect Business From Black Magic:

  • If you think that any type of strange thing is happened then do the utara with lemon at once.
  • Try to bring any holy person in your business premises, with their power many negativity automatically leave the place.
  • Try to do hawan timely in your business premises.
  • Bring the sindoor of Hanumanji on auspicious day and make swastik on the entrance.
  • Don't forget to change the lemon and chilly on every Saturday or Tuesday.
  • If you find any unwanted things in your business area then do consult any experienced astrologer for remedies.

So protect your business from black magic, protect your self from black magic, protect your family from black magic with powerful solutions provided by astroshree. If you are facing any business problems due to black magic then consult now. If you are a victim of black magic then do consult for powerful solutions.

Business and black magic, Reasons of failure in work, Siddha yantras and totkays for protection.


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