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How To Increase Seducing Power Through Astrology?

How to increase seducing power through astrology, Safest way to increase seducing power, Tips to increasing seducing power from within, gems stone to increase seducing power, Mind power to increase seducing power.
How to increase seducing power through astrology, Safest way to increase seducing power, Tips to increasing seducing power from within, gems stone to increase seducing power, Mind power to increase seducing power.
How To Increase Seducing Power Through Astrology?

What is seducing power?

Actually this is the power of women to attract men to make sexual relation. But as per my experience this is only one face of  truth actually men are also engage in this matter. It is because the need. Every one want to enjoy the physical relation in this life and seducing is the method to excite the opposite sex to make relation. So it is done by both male and female.
Many persons are unable to seduce opposite sex in spite of having good physic. It is because seducing is an art and it is done from within.

In this article i am going to clear that how through astrology we will be able to know that a person has good seducing power and how to develop a smart seducing power through the ways of astrology. I think this is total a new subject for my blog readers but i am not joking. As i said earlier in my articles that Astrology is a very miraculous science and it reveals any thing of life. So it is possible to know the seducing power of any person through astrology principles and through occult sciences it is possible to increase the seducing power of both male and females.

Let's begin with the study of birth chart or horoscope or kundli:

  1. Suppose if any one has good mercury in Ist house or lagna then it is sure that the person has good seducing power.
  2. With the Mercury if Venus is also generating positive power then this combination makes a person master in seducing.
  3. If mars is making relation with Venus in Ist house or 7th house then also the person has good seducing power but some times the person become negative while doing so. The nonsuccessive may lead to tempered.
  4. If the Saturn and Venus is combining in 7th house or lagna or in happiness place then also the person has seducing power but some times he or she may use the negative powers.
  5. The Mercury if present in lagna or 7th house of good power then also don't worry it will make your life enjoyable.
  6. Any negative or malefic planets in lagna or 7th or 8th place makes the power negative and some time keep the person deprived from this seducing power.
  7. The weak lagna and marriage place also makes a person deprived of having good seducing power.

Why is the Need of This Power?

To make the marriage life or very personal life successful it is necessary that couple must know the ways of seducing. Because only to make sexual relation is not enough but to make it thrive with the use of mind will give you the real satisfaction. So it is very necessary to have good seducing power to enjoy the very personal life or marriage life.

If you don't have this power then you are lacking something in life.

Being as astrologer i got daily many cases in which the breakup takes place because the partner is not satisfying the feeling of partner. So if you are facing any problem in personal life then you must consult a good astrologer who can guide you to Ask Some questions From Yourself and if the answer is in 'YES' then there is no problem but if you are in doubt then do consult now for proper guidance.
  • Do I have good seducing power?
  • Do I am able to satisfy my partner?
  • Is my partner is satisfied from me?
  • Am I able to fulfill the physical and emotional need of my partner?
  • Am I able to enjoy the night life with my partner?

Now let's Move To Know Some Ways To Increase Our Seducing Power?

  1. If your mind is not working properly to generate art then it is necessary to give power to the mind by wearing proper gems stones.
  2. Some times due to impact of negativity also the mind is unable to seduce properly in that case it is good to do some special process of utara to remove negative energies.
  3. If due to any physical weaknesses you are unable to work out properly then it is good to use the alternative medicines with proper astrology medicines too. For this consult now.
  4. If you are unable to know the problems in your personality then don't worry just consult and know the right way to make your personal life smooth.
  5. If due to mental pressure you are unable to enjoy your marriage life then do wear proper gems stone to enrich your mind which will increase the capacity of your mind to handle the situations and thus you are able to enjoy your married life too.
  6. If any malefic planet or negative planet is creating problem in your seducing power then it is good to proceed for grah shanti or special process to cool down the negative planets.
  7. Power of self hypnosis if you don't know then learn in know which will make you strong to develop your power from within.
There are various types of other methods of occult sciences which if used properly then you are also able to increase your mind power safely.

Contact To Get the Right Way For You To Increase Your Seducing Power
seducing power and astrology
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How to increase seducing power through astrology, Safest way to increase seducing power, Tips to increasing seducing power from within, gems stone to increase seducing power,Sex and Astrology,  Mind power to increase seducing power.


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