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Importance of Juices In Body

As Per Ayurveda 6 Juices In Body, Benefits of Juices In Body, Defects In Consuming Excess Juices, Astrology For Health, Astrologer for health problems and solutions.

As per Ayurveda Sour,sweet,salty,spicy,pungent, Kasela, these 6 types of juices are very important for the body. More or less of these juices put adverse effect on the body by making him uncomfortable or give birth to new diseases. so to keep the body healthy it is good to take these juices properly and in a balance way.
benefits of juices in body by astrologer
Importance of Juices In Body
Why To Take Juices Properly to Live  Healthy Life ? Read Now !!
These 6 types of juices are present in different types of food like sweet in Sugar, sour in Lemon and Amchoor, salty in Salt, spicy in black pepper, pungent in Neem and bitter gourd(karela). Astringency(kashaay) in Amla. These 6 juices are as important for the body as the vitamins. But we ignore these juices which causes different types of diseases in our body. Ayurveda Maharshi said that by using these 6 juices properly we can get a healthy body with a healthy mind.

So if we understand the benefit and effect of these juices we will start using these. Now read carefully the power of These Juices :

1) Sweet Juice :

  •  Beneficial for Heart and Memory.
  • Beneficial for Voice and Throat.
  • Beneficial for Pregnant lady.
  • Helpful when water is unable to satisfy the thirst.
  • Main sources : sugar, molasses, etc.

2) Acid Juice :

  •   Generate interest in food.
  • The mind gets fresh and cheerful.
  • Opens the apetite, digestion get fine, and urinary problems gets away.
  • Heart gets strong.
  • Main Sources : Lemon, orange, amchoor, pomegranate, tamarind etc.

3) Salty Juice :

  • Increase appetite and keep the digestion good.
  • Fix the constipation.
  • Removes Phlegm from the lungs.
  • Main Sources : Black salt, sea salt, rock salt etc.

4) Bitter Juice :

  •  Purify the Mouth.
  • Increase the appetite.
  • Kills the insects.
  •  Removes the complaint of frequent urination.
  • Makes the Heart to function smoothly.
  • Main Sources : black pepper, ginger, garlic, ajwaayin etc.

5) Pungent Juice :

  •   Increase appetite, kills germs of stomach.
  •   Increase the resistance power of body to fight disease.
  •   Purify the blood.
  •   Decrease the sweat, helps in itching and irritation.
  • Main Sources : bitter gourd, neem, chiretta, gnat(gnat.)
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6) Astringent(kashaay) Juice :

  • Dangerous for Heart.
  • Cool the phlegm.
  • Helps to join the bone.
  • Fills up the wound quickly.
  • Helps in problem of frequent urination.
  • Main Sources : Amla, Myrrh(harad), Bahera
As Per Ayurveda 6 Juices In Body, Benefits of Juices In Body, Defects In Consuming Excess Juices, Astrology For Health, Astrologer for health problems and solutions.

Defects in Consuming More These Juices :

  1. Sweet Juice :Obesity, laziness, dreams come, heaviness in body, constipation, stomach worms etc.
  2. Acid Juice :Taming to be, more thirst, body dysfunction, wound maturation, throat and chest irritation.
  3. Salty Juice :Premature falling of teeth, Impotency, blood related problems, hair fall, Hypertension etc.
  4. Bitter Juice :Weakness, Dizziness, irritation, impotency, more thirst, syncope etc.
  5. Pungent Juice :Rustiness in body, weakness, air related problem, dry mouth.
  6. Astringent(kashaay) Juice :Darkening of body, tiredness, thirst, paralysis, urinary problem, stiffness, etc.

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As Per Ayurveda 6 Juices In Body, Benefits of Juices In Body, Defects In Consuming Excess Juices, Astrology For Health,Astrologer for health problems and solutions.


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