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Impotency Reasons And Remedies

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Impotency Reasons And Remedies

A very rapidly growing problem of this digital era is the problem of impotency. Due to the fast life and money oriented mind people are not able to give proper attention towards health and this lead to impotence. So it is very necessary to take proper measures to make our self physically strong as well as mentally strong to enjoy this life completely.
Many times questions related to impotency asked from me that whether astrology helps to know about the impotency reasons and if it is possible to have solutions. 'Yes' astrology reveals every thing of this life so we can also know about the planetary positions which provide impacts on impotency. In this article i am providing the reasons and remedies through astrology, and alternative ways. 
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What is Impotency?

First of all it is necessary to understand the meaning of impotency. It is the weakness of a person due to which person (male or female) is unable to enjoy the sexual relation. It also means lack of power or strength to make satisfactory physical relation with opposite sex. Infertility also takes place due to this. Lack of vigor also takes place due to impotency, Erection problem also happens.
Premature ejaculation also shows the lack of power in body and mind.

How Impotency Takes Place:

There are many reasons of impotency.
  1. some have this problem right from birth.
  2. Some suffers from this problem due to wrong habits in young age.
  3. Some suffers due to not giving proper attention on food and exercises.
  4.  Some suffers due to change of planetary positions in horoscope.
  5. With the age also this problem arises to many ones.
  6. Sometimes it happens due to weak mental power.

Some General Causes of Sexual Impotency:

  1. Too much use of alcohol make the nerves weak and therefore a strong cause of sexual impotency.
  2. Over sex practice for long period is a very important reason of impotency. Over use of sex organ is actually the misuse of power.
  3. Paralysis attack is another important cause, due to this the organ stop working.
  4. Diabetes is also a very important reason of impotency or weakness. Due to this disease the nerves become weak and deprive the person from sexual contact.
  5. Depression and frustration also makes the nerves weak.
  6. Drugs, smoking etc are also very much responsible for the sexual impotency.

Astrology Reasons of Impotency:

  • 6th, 7th and 8th houses of horoscope are very important to study the impotency problem.
  • If Malefic Venus is present in 7th house then it may create problem in sexual life.
  • If Jupiter, Mercury and Venus are present in 8th house together and generating malefic effects then it may arise chances of infertility.
  • Saturn and Mars in 7th house or 5th house also cause infertility problem.
  • The combination of Venus and Mars in 6th, 7th or 8th houses also cause sexual problems. 
  • If Mangal or Mars of Libra is present in 6th, 7th or 8th house then it increases the chances of sexual life problems.
  • Combination of Rahu and Mars or rahu and Venus also gives indication of sexual diseases.

Now let's understand which activities and organs are governed by which planets:

  1. Sun puts impact on vigor. It also control the metabolism.
  2. Through Moon we are able to find the mental power, pregnancy in females, females monthly cycle, blood, lymph etc.
  3. Venereal diseases, metabolism, illness weakness are governed by Mars.
  4. Mercury represent the mental power of a person to control the sex organs.
  5. Sexual desire, sexual activities, reproduction organs are governed by Venus.
  6. Through Saturn we are able to predict about metabolic activities of body, toxins in body, dull function of organs, chronic diseases etc.

How to Treat Sexual Impotency?

Sexual activities comes under the basic need of human being and it is very important part of life. Dis-satisfactory sexual life lead to many diseases. So it is very necessary to take powerful steps to maintain our sexual power and to keep our body and mind healthy.
Now i am providing some powerful ways to over come from the Sexual impotency. It will help to make you strong and make you comfortable to enjoy the sexual life.
  • In-taking 2 or 3 garlic daily is a good way to increase power within.
  • Having betel daily in the evening after dinner will also help you to increase your sexual power.
  • If you use white onion daily with meal it will increase the power of your sexual organs.
  • Having Banana with milk in the morning is also a powerful formula to increase power.
  • Have dry fruits daily.
  • If you want perfect result with diet then do order for the Powerful sex oil now. If you massage with this natural sex power oil then you will get tremendous result.

Astrology Treatment of Sexual Impotency:

AS planets are fully responsible for the happenings in life so it is must to take proper astrology measures to treat impotency.
  1. If any malefic planets is creating problems then it is good to proceed for the shanti process.
  2. By having combination of gems stones will give tremendous result to increase the sexual power.
  3. Sex enhancer ring is also good for for that first it is necessary to check the horoscope in detail. For that contact now.
  4. Meditation to increase sex power is a very powerful way to increase power naturally. 
  5. Special breathing technique is also a good way to increase power.
So enjoy sexual life completely by taking consultancy with astroshree. Don't loose your hope, make your night and life smooth by consulting the best astrologer on-line. Total privacy of data. So don't worry and discuss your sexual problem openly and get the best remedy to make your personal life happier.
100% assured treatment of sexual problems through astrology, alternative medicines and natural ways.

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Impotency reasons and remedies, astrology reasons of impotency, What is Impotency?, how impotency happen, solutions of impotency through astrology, alternative medicines and occult sciences, best ways to remove impotency, planetary combinations responsible for impotency, Astrologer for sex problems and solutions, Astrologer For horoscope reading for sex problems remedies.


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