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Who is Responsible For Kedarnath Havoc?

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Uttarakhand Havoc Photos, Who is Responsible?
Who is responsible for kedarnath havoc, why this inciendts happens in kedarnath, Astroshre spiritual views on Uttarakhand havoc, How the temple is saved?, Is any divine power is there in Kedarnath?, Views of Astroshree

Whole world is aware about the havoc took place is Kedarnath in Uttarakhand. Whole the valley is finished, thousands of souls has left the body, Thousand of pilgrim travellers are vanished in a second, thousands of vehicles vanished in a second.
The most unforgettable event took place in kedarnath in uttarakhand.

Now some very important questions which arises in mind like as:
  • Why this havoc takes place if god is there?
  • Why only the temple is saved there, every thing else has gone off from the kedarnath valley in this havoc. 
  • If there is any divine power then why so many pilgrim travellers are suffered.
  • How the temple is saved only?

Before clearing my views i just want share that i am not writing tis article to hurt anyone's belief. I am just expressing my views from different aspects. 

Remember My Words - "Nature never do wrong."

Uttarakhand is the main energy source of India, Uttarakhand is known for the sages, the siddhas, the rishi munis, the tapah isthali i.e the place for doing the spiritual practices for the decades. 

Some Power Points Related To Uttarakhand:

1. In these days also many scholars are performing spiritual practices in uttarakhand 24 hours.

2. Uttarakhand is the most loving place for the sages, rishi munish, scholars.

3. The path of uttarakhand is very critical so that the common person may not think to enter in that area. 

4. For the years uttarakhand area is being used by the scholars for their spiritual practices.

5. As per Hindu epics Uttarakhand is most sacred place where divine energies are doing there practices for the welfare of society.

6. The spiritual waves comes from the uttarakhand.

Now a Days What is Happening:
1. We are using these type of sacred places for picnic.
2. We are creating pollutions in these sacred areas.
3. Unknowingly we are disturbing the scholars practicing there.
4. Unknowingly we are disturbing the nature of uttarakhand.

Uttarakhand is a very sacred place, it is a very holy place and we have to understand this. In ancient times only seekers enters in that area to get knowledge of para science but now a days every one try to enter in that area for entertainment. 

Ministers says that this is a natural disaster but actually who is behind this natural disasters. 

Remember this "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction".

If we will not care of nature then we don't have the authority to expect care from nature.

Why The Kedarnath Temple is Saved In This Havoc?
Now to understand this we have to enter in flash back. See what happened a big bolder i.e. a very-Very big stone came with water and automatic installed just behind the temple and horizontally. It's an amazing thing but it is not a natural incident. If you look at the scene you will find that only this stone is installed in a very specific manner so that the water will not make any direct impact on the temple. Now what do you say ? Isn't it a miracle, isn't it shows the presence of divine power there. Isn't it shows that some divine energies are there who has made this possible and protect the Nandi and the Temple.

This havoc has taught a lesson if we want to understand that save the nature and don't do anything which will disturb the nature. 
If we love the nature, it will make our life smooth. But if we disturb it , we will have to pay for that. 

Kedarnath temple is made by pandavas, It is renovated by aadi Shankaracharya. It shows that what type of great personalities are attached with this place. It is the place of austerity, it is a place of spiritual practice, It is a powerful place, it is a divine place. We respect uttarakhand and scholars are getting blessings from that place. 
Uttarakhand is a place to get spiritual powers. It is better to keep the natural place as it is. Let the nature care of that place, let the nature play there. This is the truth, this is the reality of the divine uttarakhand. 

I have tried to share my views with by honourable blog readers. If you want to share any thing then you are most welcome.

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Who is responsible for kedarnath havoc, why this inciendts happens in kedarnath, Astroshre spiritual views on Uttarakhand havoc, How the temple is saved?, Is any divine power is there in Kedarnath?, Views of Astroshree


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