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10 Mysterios Temples of Rajasthan

10 mysterious temples of Rajasthan, Spiritual places of Rajasthan, Mystery of 10 temples of Rajasthan Astrologer views.

Tour of Rajasthan is remarkable. If we visit Rajasthan then many mysteries of history will reveal it self. People from all world every year come to Rajasthan to visit the famous places. Here i am providing some mysterious temple list which will definitely increase your knowledge. 

1. Brahmani Mata Temple Of Sorsan, Rajasthan:
World famous temple of brahmani mata, rajasthan
Brahmani Mata Temple of Sorsan
World famous Brahmani mata temple is present in Sorsan Rajastahan, Distance from Baran District is 20 kilometer approx.
Important thing is that for about 550 years akhand Jyoti is fulfilling wishesh of devotees here. 
A big fair on Shivratri held here every year.
Statue of Mataji is placed under a Cave. 
This place is a famous shaktipeeth. 
The temple is present inside an old Fort. 

2. Sheetla Mata Mandir of Chaksu, Rajasthan:
famous temple of sheetla mata in rajasthan
Sheetla Mata Temple of  Chaksu
It is said that Sheetla mata is the goddess of Smallpox(Chechak) disease. Here the worship is done of broken statue of goddess. 
A great fair held here in the month of Chaitra every year. 
It is present in Jaipur kota road and about 40 kilometers from Jaipur. 

3.  Karnimata Temple of Bikaner Jaipur, Rajasthan:
Famous temple of bikaner
Karni Mata Temple, Bikaner
It is said that karni mata is the incarnation of goddess durgaji. The most attracting things about this temple is that it is also called the temple of rat. In the premises of temple you will find the thousands of rats wandering here and there without any fear. Devotees offer prasad to them and they accept it.

4. Ganesha Temple of Ranthambore:
visiting spiritual place of rajasthan
Ganesh Temple of Ranthambore
The main thing about this temple is that here lord Ganesha is worshiped with his three eyes. 
It is present in the fort of ranthambore.
It is about 12 kilometers from Sawaimadhopur. 
On ganesh chaturthi fair type environment is created due to mob of devotees. 

5. Jain Temple of Chandkheri Near Jhalawar, Rajasthan:
Famous place of Rajasthan
Jain Temple
Here the main temple is underground. Here a very rare statue of lord adinath is present. This statue is made of red stone. 
It's height is 6.25 feet. 
There is mystery that just in the back of statue there is a idol of lord chandraprabhu made by jewels which is now closed by walls. It is situated nearby a small river. 

6. Jain Temple of Ranakpur:
famous place of rajasthan
Entrance of Jain Temple , ranakpur
famous visiting place of rajasthan
Pillars of Jain Temple

The world famous jain temple of ranakpur is nearby Udaipur and is famous for its marvelous architecture. 1444 marbles pillars with miraculous arts. It is also said that in every pillar we can see the image of lord Rishabhdevji.

7. Gogaji Temple at Gogamedi, Hanumangarh, Rajasthan:
spiritual place in Rajasthan
Gogaji Maharaj Temple In Rajasthan
It looks like a dargah but it is not, This is a temple, Here the pujaris are Muslims but no body has said that they are kaafir. 
This temple is said to be 950 years old. 
This is the temple of Gogaji maharaj who is worshiped both of Hindu and Muslims. 
It is said that if any one is bitten by snake than by reciting the name of gogaji, person gets relief.
In the month of bhadrapad a fair held here in which thousands of devotees comes and worship.
A marvelous place which shows the unity of Hindu and Muslims. 

8. Shreenathji Temple of Nathdwara, Rajasthan:
visiting place of rajasthan
It is located at about 48 kilometers North east from Udaipur city. A world famous place where devotees come and get the blessings of god shreenathji. It is said that till now the shringaar is done by a Muslim family for the decades. Shreenathji fulfill the wishes of devotees easily. 

9. Charbhuja Temple At Merta, Rajasthan:
famous visiting place of rajasthan
Charbhuja Mandir of Merta

Merta is a very famous place because of Meera Bai Birth place who was a famous poetess, princess and saint. She was the great devotee of lord krishna and 24 hours remain in the worship of lord krishna. Her poems are recited by devotees of krishna heartily. 
In the memory f Meera Bai this charbhuja mandir was made which is very famous.
The main thing about this temple is that the first bhog of this temple is offer to a cobbler family. 

10. Devsomnath Temple of Dungarpur, Rajasthan:
devsomnath temple
Devsomnath Temple
It is situated near bank of Som river. It is 25 kilometers away from dungarpur.The main thing about this temple is that it is made by using stones only. No cement, lime or sand is used to build this temple. Stones are arranged in such a way that they formed a shape of temple and till now is standing. 
A miraculous architecture.

Here i have given 10 important temples details of Rajasthan. Please write your views with your comments if you like this article. 
10 mysterious temples of Rajasthan, Spiritual places of Rajasthan, Mystery of 10 temples of Rajasthan Astrologer views.


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