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Black Magic Symptoms

Black magic symptoms and signs, how it is done to destroy life, what are the signs of black magic

Black magic to fulfill the desires in short period of time is going to be used by negative minded people in these days which is undoubtedly a very dangerous effects on the user and the victims too. It is very unfortunate that some people use this witch craft effects or evil powers to make money. Shaitani powers, devils powers, evil powers are used in black magic, negative energies are used in performing black magic. Here in this article I am going to clear that what are actual symptoms of black magic, how to identify that whether there is a black magic is affecting anyone's life or not.

black magic symptoms by astrologer
Black Magic Symptoms
Black magic, also known as dark magic, is the use of supernatural powers or magic for evil and selfish purposes. It is often associated with the invocation of demons and other evil spirits, the casting of curses, and the use of magic to harm others.

Black magic has been practiced in many cultures throughout history, and there are a variety of different beliefs and practices associated with it. Some practitioners believe that black magic can be used to gain power, wealth, or revenge, while others believe that it can be used to harm or even kill others.

It can be a source of fear and anxiety for those who believe that they are being targeted by it.

Symptoms of BLACK MAGIC On Professional Life:

  • Victim not get job in spite of having proper education, experiences.
  • Some people lost their jobs without any reason.
  • Victim of kala jadu faces too much hurdles in getting promotion in job in-spite of having all the qualities.
  • Some are not able to get rid of debts even after doing hard work day and night. 
  • Not able to perform the task in spite of having all the capabilities.
  • Sudden heavy loss in business also seen.
हिंदी में पढ़िए black magic symptoms in hindi

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Now let's see symptoms of black magic On Personal Life:

  • Quarrel between husband and wife seen due to the impact of negative energies.
  • Breakup in relationship also happen due to attack of dark magic.
  • Lover suddenly divert towards any one else.
  • Conflicts among the members in family takes place.
  • Increase of enemies due to increase in misunderstandings also happen. Read about how to protect relationships from black magic.
  • Partnership enter in danger due to unwanted incidents. 
  • Regular accidents happen in spite of having good planetary positions in horoscope.
  • Victim of black magic also pass through memory loss.
  • Person have Frightening dreams which give rise to sleeping problem.
  • Continuous headache also seen in many victims of kala jadu.
  • Abnormal changes in hunger and thirst also seen in many cases. 

symptoms of black magic, how to find that some one is affected by dark magic, black magic symptoms for self analysis, astrologer guidance for protection.

Now Let's see some paranormal signs of BLACK MAGIC attack:

  • Victim feels that someone is with him or her always but never see anyone physically.
  • Burning sensation even in winter or in air conditioner. 
  • Victim feel very bad smell always or in a specific time. 
  • Pain as some one is poking needles on your body.
  • Some people suddenly become habitual of using alcohol or drugs.
  • Good medicines don't work on victim.
  • Unwanted fear is felt by a person who suffer from black magic. 
  • Some face problem of getting hair in meal regularly.
  • Always dreaming of dirty places.
  • Dream of bitten by snake, Scorpio or crow is also felt by many one's etc.
  • Some face Heaviness in body and mind.
  • Victim of black magic also think to suicide.
  • Personality disorder is also detected in victim of kala jadu.
  • Strange depression without any reason.
  • Problem in speaking.
  • Pets start dying suddenly.

Now let's see some signs in women:

  1. Some females face problem in period.
  2. Sudden intense hair fall is also seen in many ladies.
  3. Some start behaving abnormally with husband.
  4. Some starts keeping the hair open all the time.
  5. Lady face problem in conceiving in-spite of medically fit.
  6. Regular breaking of engagement.
  7. Sudden problems in love relationships.
  8. Some ladies face regular miscarriage. 

How To Heal Our self from BLACK MAGIC:

If you are suffering from black magic and want to take initial steps then start doing the following remedies which will minimize the impacts of evil energies on you -
  1. Start visiting any holy places daily like temple, church, dargah etc.
  2. Sprinkle holy water on you or spelled water.
  3. Keep your place clean as much as possible.
  4. Mix holy water in bathing water and then use it.
  5. Stay positive and strong: Black magic is often based on fear and negativity, so it is important to stay positive and strong in the face of it.
  6. Seek spiritual guidance: If you are religious, you may want to seek spiritual guidance from a trusted ASTROLOGER.
  7. Use protective symbols: There are a number of protective symbols that can be used to ward off black magic. These include the pentagram, Swastik, Trishul etc. 
  8. Believe in yourself: The most important thing is to believe in yourself and your ability to overcome any challenges that come your way.
Black magic or kala jadu is done to dominate some one, Black magic is done to destroy someone completely, black magic is done to destroy the married life of some one, black magic is done to embarrass some one. 

Very dangerous and paranormal activities are seen with the person who is suffering from black magic. So beware and safe your self from any type of evil energies. 

If you are experiencing negative or harmful effects that you believe may be caused by black magic, it is important to seek professional help. A therapist or counselor can help you to understand what you are going through and develop strategies for coping with it.

For Proper Analysis and powerful remedies do contact ASTROLOGER Om Prakash(astroshree)

Black magic symptoms and signs, how it is done to destroy astrology remedies of black magic, life, what are the signs of black magic.


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