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Preventive Measures By Astrologer

Black magic prevention

Black magic is done by the evil spirits and thus it creates too much problems in life. No one knows that when dark or negative energy will disturb the life. So it is better to take precautions.

Preventive Measures By Astrologer
Preventive Measures By Astrologer

It is said that "Prevention Is Better Than Cure". So if we follow some important tips than no doubts we are able to minimize the possibilities of kala jadu on us. In this article I am going to clear some important tips which will help you to keep you away from black energies. Although in this digital age it sounds odd that there is an existence of kalajadu in this world. But as an astrologer I deal with many cases in routine life which has confirmed the existence of this bad powers.

Do you Know Which Items Are Used In Black Magic?

If not than here I am providing some important items which are used in performing this evil practices.
  1. Dolls of wax, grass and of other material and this is used to perform putla tantra.
  2. Soil of feet is also used in vashikaran process.
  3. Cloth of person.
  4. Lemon is also used to harm other.
  5. Nails are also used mostly in harming process.
  6. Wine, liquer, betel is also used widely. 
  7. Photos.
  8. Hair, Srifal, turmeric or haldi, pins, needles, bones, ash, coal etc are also used to perform black magic.
  9. Black Pepper and chillies are also used for evil practices.
I have cleared above some important things which are commonly used in doing the dark magic so that you can be careful if any in auspicious things is happening.

One Memorable Case(case study):

Before some time I got a call from Bangalore, the person was talking in a phobia and saying that he is facing accidents regularly and it seems that some one want to kill him. I asked him to send the birth details and photo. After analysis I have found that Rahu was malefic in his kundli and currently in mahadasha, anatardasha and even in pratyantar also rahu was going. After proper discussion and analysis we came to conclusion that it was a case of black magic.

I told him that do you face problem in a specific time. I also asked him to probe into past time and found the incidents when he was facing problem and how. After sometime he called me and cleared that when he got a call from a specific person, soon after that he was facing problems of different kind and it is happening for the last 1 year.

Many types of treatments was taken by him but only temporary relief was there. So I told him to perform special utara and then kawach is given to him. This is not enough. He was stunned when again he got a call and he lost his kawach and again he faced health problem.

Again analysis done and then another stronger kawach was made systematically for him and hand-overed to him and to members of his family. After that every thing came in control.
So no body knows who is creating problem and why. So deep analysis and observation is needed to find the exact reasons and remedies.

One Important Thing is that Black Magic is not done by any anonymous but in research it is found that only nearby person perform this to fulfil any desired wish which is not possible normally. 

Preventive Measures To Keep Ours elf Safe and Secure From Negative Energies:

  1. Don't share any very personal information with any one even to your close friends and relatives.
  2. Don't eat any thing specially non veg on no moon day and night.
  3. Don't during with any unreliable person and also avoid it on amavasya, pitra paksh and navaratra.
  4. If you have a little doubt of any negativity around you than do utara with lemon and also use dot of hanumanji sindoor.
  5. Don't visit prostitutes in any case.
  6. If you found any of the above said things in your business premises or house then throw it out immediately and consult 'ASTROLOGER Astroshree'.

Remedies From 'Astrologer Astroshree':

After proper analysis I provide the powerful kawach and utara which I assure that definitely protect you from any kind of evil energies. Also astrology solutions will be given to make your life safe, secure and powerful.

Black magic prevention ways by astrologer.


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