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How Do Germs Enter Into The Body

How Do Germs Enter Into The Body?, How to protect our body from germs, astrologer for best health tips. 
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Germs and there protection

Every one of us are affected by Germs daily, every time, every seconds. it's easy to accidentally come across germs without ever knowing it because all germs are too small for you to see without a microscope! 

Germs attack through the following ways :

1) Lots of germs travel through the air, so you often pick them up through your mouth or nose.

2) Other kinds of germs can get into your body if you have a cut or a scrape.

3) You can also get germs from touching something that has germs and then touching something that has germs and then touching your own nose, mouth or even eyes. 

How To Prevent From Germs :

The best way to keep germs out and to prevent other people from getting your own germs is to wash your hands regularly with soap and water, especially before you eat or put your hands near your nose, mouth or eyes. You should also always have a grown up help you clean off cuts or scrapes with soap and water to prevent germs from getting in that way too!

Having some germs is normal, and it would be hard to have any at all. So as long as you always cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze or cough and you do your best to wash your hands regularly and avoid dirty surfaces that might carry germs, you should be able to rest easy knowing you gave those germs a run for their money!

Now the Question is  How to be Fit ?

Lots of things you can do help your body be good at fighting off any germs that do get into your body. Eating a healthy diet with lots of vitamins and nutrients is very helpful in fighting off germs. For E.g. Vitamin C, which is founds in lots of foods like oranges, is really good at fighting germs.

Tips To Keep Our Self Germs Free:
1. Always take bath with fresh water and also put some dettol in water.
2. Use medicated soap for healthy skin.
3. Do meditation daily to make your self strong from within. 
4. Eat healthy and do proper exercises.

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How Do Germs Enter Into The Body?, How to protect our body from germs, astrologer for best health tips. 


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