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How To Earn From Share Market?

What are Shares and Stock?, What is Investment?, Why Investment is Important?, What is face value, What is par value, Why to invest our savings, Who Can Invest In Share Market?, Astrologer for analysis of horoscope, share market tutorial.

Share Market! A place to earn as much as you can, Share Market! a place to increase our financial power,  Share Market! A place to Earn from Home, A place to earn on-line, A place to be a millionaire.
best ways to earn from share market through astrology
How To Earn From Share Market?

Do You ?

Want to Invest in Share Market but don’t know the right way? Then you are at right place.
This Article will help the new investors very much. ‘astrologer astroshree’ has made this article for the passionate investors who want to earn money from share market but don’t have the right knowledge.
Earn Regularly | Earn Monthly | Short Term Investment | Long Term Investment

Who Can Invest In Share Market?

This is not only necessary that only you should become a charted accountant or expert in economics and maths etc. to invest in share market. Very common men has earned a lot from this market and become millionaire and they are earning continuously. Now the question is this that if many are earning from this market then why not We?
What we need is the knowledge of companies and some general information regarding share market which every thing you will get in this article.
So Guys be ready to enter in the financial sector, Be ready to enter in the share market, be ready to earn from the world biggest financial market, Be ready to start your own note press.

Some Important Questions related to Share Market and Answers –

What are Shares and Stock?

In general words shares means ‘equity shares’ of any company. These shares are issued by companies. Share and stock are generally same. In America Stock word is used and in India share word is used.
Equity shares are issued by companies and if you have this then you are the partner of that company. You have the share certificates to prove your partnership in that company. In today’s life shares are present in de-materialized form or in electronic form in NSDL(National Securities Depository Limited) or in any financial institutions. Our partnership in any company depends upon the No. of shares we have for e.g. if any company has issued 1 lakh shares and if you have 25,000 shares then you have 25% partnership in that company. It means that if you are investing in shares, you are actually becoming partner of that company.
Companies issue shares in a pre decided value which is known as ‘face value’ or ‘par value’. This value is present on the share certificates.
This is very important to know that prices of shares changes frequently in the market but that are not related with face value.
The dividend which a person gets is depending upon the shares which he have.
For e.g. if you have purchased shares on 10 Rs. Face value and if you are selling it on 100 Rs. It doesn't mean that its face value is changed; it means that its market value is changed.

What is Investment?

The use of your savings in such a way to increase the monetary power is called investment. If you are keeping your cash as it is then definitely its value will be decreased with time because the value of money is continuously decreasing. So to maintain value of our money it is necessary to invest it any where. We can buy property, house, flats, Gold, jewellery, national securities etc. to increase the value of our money with time. We can also make fixed deposits or we can invest in any saving schemes launched by banks and other companies to increase the value of our money with time.
So we can also say that investment means earning through our savings. For e.g. if we are buying any national securities in 5000/- and after 5 years we are getting 9 thousand that means we are earning from our investment. Like this we can invest in property, share market, saving schemes, gold jewellery etc.

Before investment some questions must be asked from our self –

  • When we need money in future?
  • How much I have to invest?
  • How much risk I am able to take?
  • How much savings I have to invest?
In investment world it is also said that “More risk more gain and less risk less gain”. But it is not always good to take risk without any analysis.

Why Investment is Important?

Market is changing rapidly in these days. The prices of things are increasing regularly so to maintain our buying ability and to meet our needs it is necessary to invest our savings some where safely and securely.

Astrology And Share Market:

Astrology is very important for the people who want to invest in share market because astrology is able to provide you the best time to perform this task. Next is astrologer can tell you that whether you are able to earn from share market or not. If your planets are not supportive then it may be possible that you may face huge loss.

Earning from share market is not so easy, in-depth study and also luck is needed. So by consulting astrologer you can know that what to do to enhance luck in share market. Share market astrology is one of the important aspect which will help you to make your self safe and secure investor.

If you want to to know about your horoscope, if you want to know that whether you are able to earn from share market or not, if you want to know the best gems stone for you to enhance luck then don't hesitate to take the services of one of the best on line astrologer Astroshree who can tell you the secrets of your horoscope.

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What are Shares and Stock?, What is Investment?, Why Investment is Important?, What is face value, What is par value, Why to invest our savings, Who Can Invest In Share Market?.


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