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How To Make A Plate Full Of Nutrition?

Benefits of curd, berry, cereals, fruits, Ladies Health., nut, papaya, spinach, Tips to take nutritious food,  How To Make A Plate Full Of Nutrition ? , How to get nutrition through astrology? 
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Power Nutrition

Who don't want to be healthy, smart, slim and active? This is difficult but not impossible. There are many things which can keep us fit. Here we will see the list of some foods which are very helpful to keep ourselves healthy and fit.

LOW FAT CURD(DAHI): Low fat curd contains good amount of calcium and protein.That's why this is a very ideal. It is also very good for bones and osteoporosis disease as it is a good source of calcium. Curd minimizes the chances of breast cancer and also good for digestion. It also decreases the danger of stomach ulcer and vaginal infections. Curd is very digestive and reduces the excess fats and helps to maintain the beauty. By washing the hairs with curd they become shiny and smooth. Curd bath gives you freshness. That's why use curd daily and 1 bowl of curd must be taken every day. 

WALNUT (AKHROT) : It contains omega -3 fatty acid. This decreases the chances of blood clot which generally happens due to birth control pills. It is also very beneficial in heart problems, High blood pressure, depression, joint pains, arthritis etc. Pregnant lady must take omega -3 because it is helpful for the child brain and eye sight development.

BEANS : This is a good source of low fat, cholesterol, fiber and protein. It protects from heart problems and breast cancer and is also helpful in the period time of ladies.

PAPAYA(PAPITA) : Papaya is a good source of potassium and vitamin-c. It has the power to remove the bad effects of salt. Research shows that it can also give relief in stone problems.

TOMATO (TAMATAR) : Lycopine is an antioxidant which is present in abundant in tomato which saves from breast cancer. Scientists also said that tomato saves from ultraviolet rays of sun.

SPINACH (PAALAK) : Spinach is a good source of iron.It saves the skins in summer and help in wrinkles.

BERRY : Berry protects our body through anticirojenic nutrients. It is also a good source of vitamin-c an folic acid which is very helpful at the time of delivery. The powerful antioxidants of berry not only keep the heart well but also keep the skins healthy.

CEREALS OF ALL TYPES : Cereals are very good for health. It keeps the digestive system ok. It is a good source of fiber and also maintain the amount of potassium and help to control the blood pressure.

DARK CHOCOLATE : It is full of antioxidants and helps to keep the heart ok.Dark chocolate contains magnesium, manganese,phosphorous,copper and zinc. They keep the bones healthy, maintain blood pressure and increase the power of thinking. It also decreases the stress.

How to get nutrition through astrology?
Astrology nutrition is also very useful in which we use gems stone, special colours etc to enhance our life. Before using any astrology treatment it is necessary to consult best and experienced astrologer. Only good astrologer can guide you what to do to make our life better, only astrologer can tell you what to do and how to make life, better, hurdle free and smooth. 

Get prediction from astrologer, get the reasons of sufferings in life and there proper treatment through astrology now.

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Benefits of curd, berry, cereals, fruits, Ladies Health., nut, papaya, spinach, Tips to take nutritious food,  How To Make A Plate Full Of Nutrition ?, How to get nutrition through astrology?


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