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Photo Therapy In Medical World

Photo therapy in medical world, best use of photo therapy, secret of photo therapy, astrology therapy for healthy life.
best astrologer for healthy life
Photo Therapy For Healthy

Photo therapy is now a days is getting popular. It is used in treating many diseases related to skin and other parts of body. Earlier photo therapy was used to cure only skin diseases, seasonal diseases seasonal depression etc but now a days it is used to cure Stroke, Mouth smell, Cancer etc. 

Let's see some disease in which photo therapy is now a days is used-

1. Smell of Mouth:

In a research it is found that blue light is able to create the smell of mouth. Dentists also use blue light for some time on teeth to make it white. It also kills bacteria harming the gums. Blue radiations are very useful to kill many dangerous bacteria of mouth which are responsible for many diseases of mouth.

2. Back Pain:

Blue radiations also gives relief from back pain. because of this reason doctors are using blue radiations now a days to cure back pain. The basis of this therapy on the formula that blue radiations increase the production of Nitric oxide in the body which results in relaxing the muscles. It helps in normal blood circulation. 

3. Cancer Treatment:

Photo dynamic therapy is a very special type of therapy which is used in treating cancer in these days. In this therapy a special type of drug is given with radiation which is very useful in curing cancer.To heal the internal body organ cancer light is sent through optic fibre.


A research has cleared that the infra-red light which is used in T.V remote is very useful in healing stroke. This infra-red easily enter in skull. By the use of infra-red important protein and antioxidants for protection starts emanating which is good for health. 

5. Eczema:

As per the research ultra violet light is beneficial for the skin. It is very beneficial in Eczema, Acne, Psoriasis, white spots, Swelling etc. The problem of itching can be decreased upto 60% with the help of ultraviolet light. 

6.Stomach Ulcer:

If blue light is sent inside a stomach then it will be beneficial, it kills the bacteria responsible for the ulcer. The important thing is that it doesn't affect the health. 

7. Epilepsy:

Photo therapy may be beneficial for the treatment of epilepsy. In a research in London University, it is cleared that white light is very useful for this treatment. By this vitamin D and melatonin increases in the body which helps in reducing epilepsy attack.

8. Wound: 

Light therapy is also useful in curing wound of different types. For this red light is used with infra-red. 

Astrology Therapy For Healthy Life:
Do you know that through astrology also it is possible to heal our self, the techniques of astrology and occult science shows tremendous effects in curing diseases. But it is necessary to take guidance from an experienced astrologer. Only best astrologer can give you the best knowledge about how to use spells, pooja, gems stones, etc to make our life successful. 

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Photo therapy in medical world, best use of photo therapy, secret of photo therapy, astrology therapy for healthy life.

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