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Simple Tips To Be Healthy

Simple Tips To Be Healthy, Natural Beauty tips, Easy Beauty tips, Herbal Beauty Tips, astrologer for best health analysis and remedies. 
astrologer for health tips
simple tips to be healthy

Whenever i thought about how to enjoy the life then the foremost thing which comes in my mind is health. If our health is good then only we are able to use the worldly things happily and thus enjoy the life. Human beings are considered the best creation on the earth who have been gifted with body,and so , it is our duty to take due care of it and protect the same from ill effects.  

Here i am giving you some very simple tips to be healthy :

1) Daily get up before the sunrise. Do not remain awake late at night.

2) make the exercises your daily routing. Going for a walk in the morning and as well in the evening will vitalize you. Making it a routine will be highly helpful, muscles will be activated , blood circulation will be improved and you will always remain smart. 

3) While taking bath, pour water first of all over your head and then on other parts of the body. Water should not be neither more cold nor more warm. After taking bath rub your body well by some thick towel.

4) Take meals not for taste but for sake of your body.Not taking meals and also the excessive eating are harmful. Remember incompetent, energy-less, faulty and too much of a food are all a mistake.

5) Eating 5 leaves of tulasi daily in the morning saves one from many probable diseases.

6) After meals , a little rest during the day and a stroll after night meal are advised.

7) While washing your face daily, splashing your eyes with fresh cold water will help your eyes a lot.

8) Breathe through nose only and that also quite naturally without an effort. Don't breathe through mouth as it reduces age.

9) After getting up in the morning , one should drink adequate water. It will be more better if the same is kept overnight in a copper pot.

10) Being in sun is must. It is good for our body. 

11) Always remain peaceful and happy. Learn to talk less. Speak only what's necessary.

12) Keep your sleeping area tidy and clean. You must retire for the night as soon as you start feeling sleepy. Lying on the bed and waiting for the sleep is to invite illness. 

Don't be habituated for taking a nap during the day.

13) One should not cover the face while sleeping. Keep the windows open for fresh air.

14) Reading writing and other such work, which strain the eyes should not be done continuously for a prolonged duration. At intervals, close the lids, move fingers on them and then look at distant objects.

15) One who is regular in getting fresh in the morning , having meals as per daily schedule and retiring for the night timely is always healthy, prosperous and intelligent.

16) Always wear clean clothes.

17) Massage Therapy is very good. In this muscles are slightly compressed and then released repeatedly so that they may be slackened and thus their stiffness is loosened. 

It gives relief and comfort to the body.

18) Water therapy and other method of nature therapy are great reliever to the tired and tensed body and mind.

Do take consult astrologer time to time to know about the positive and negative period of life and take proper astrology medicine and treatment to keep your self fit and fine. 

Consult astrologer astroshree for best health tips. Astrologer can help you to come out from chronic diseases, astrologer can guide you better to over come from health problems. 

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Simple Tips To Be Healthy, Natural Beauty tips, Easy Beauty tips, Herbal Beauty Tips, astrologer for best health analysis and remedies. 


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