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Omega 3 Importance and Linseed

Omega 3 Importance and Linseed, benefit of linseeds, food for beauty, why to use alsi for omega-3, health tips.
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Omega 3 for good health

Omega 3 is a fatty acid and is essential for necessary development of body and so it is recommended world wide by dieticians. Let's understand the importance and work of Omega-3 fatty acid in our body.

1. It is necessary for the development of embryo.
2. Our nails and hairs shines because of this fatty acid.
3. Omega 3 helps in maintaining the blood circulation in organs of the body.
4. It enhance the power of red blood cells in the body.
5. It help in keeping away swelling and infection.
6. Omega 3 is good for mental power too. It Increases the memory, keep the person in peace, increase the positivity in mind etc.

Now let's understand the importance of linseeds oil/alsi:
It is a very good source of energy and contain good calories, amino acids, protein, carbohydrates, omega 3, omega 6, fibre etc. Not only this it also contains Vitamin=B5, B6, B-12, antioxidant lignen, lycopin, lyutin and jiyajethin etc. 
So just think what a great boon for human life. Linseeds are very good for health if taken regularly. It can enhance the beauty of skin and give you a good personality. It can make the life better and better day by day. If you are not taking it daily you are loosing something. 

Alsi or linseeds makes the skin attractive, smooth, healthy and strong. Massage with linseeds oil keep away the scar, heat spot etc. It also reduce the bad cholesterol from the body and keep the heart good.
It helps in removing the blockage in the heart vessels and maintain the blood pressure. 

Why to use linseeds?
The answer is very simple, it has various types of nutrients and fatty acids and so is very good for health and another thing is that alsi can be taken by any one any time any caste, Vegetarian also can use it without any hesitation. 

It also control the blood sugar and that's why good for diabetic patients and not only this it is a good anti fungal, anti biotic, anti viral, anti bacterial too. It also prohibits cancer agents to grow. 

It increases the immunity power in the body and so if any one suffers from diseases again and again then it is good to take linseeds daily. It reduces fats, weakness and is also very useful to increase the sex power in the body. So from every point of view Linseeds are good and useful.

So if you want to be healthy, beautiful, handsome, energetic, powerful then do use alsi/linseeds without hesitation. Be healthy, be wealthy and be happy.

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Omega 3 Importance and Linseed, benefit of linseeds, food for beauty, why to use alsi for omega-3, health tips.

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